Dec 18 2015

The Sixth Day of Kris-mas gets twisted up

The Indomitable Sperman by Kris P. Kreme

The Indomitable Sperman by Kris P. Kreme

A scientist falls into a vat of experimental sperm and becomes a true monster that strikes more than just fear into the attractive fertile women he encounters.

It’s a terrifying tale of twisted science told by the man himself… the Indomitable Sperman.


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During the long dark months of winter, some tales may be cold and terrifying. This is the story of one man’s transformation into the terrifying monster that keeps those winter months hot and sticky. This is the tale of how Doctor Caleb Green became The Indomitable Sperman.

He was always into science, a brilliant mind like no other, working in a private mountain lab with generous grants, Caleb Green had worked very hard to discover the ultimate cure to male infertility, to all forms of sexual dysfunction in men. Through years of research, trial, and error, Caleb developed Indomitable, a kind of artificial sperm, a treatment that proved massively successful in tests and was literally days from being broken to the public.

Indomitable was so named for the simple fact that there was no resistance to it when it came to fertilizing an egg. It was absolute and impossible to deny; it was simply Indomitable.

On a particularly cold winter night when everyone else in the lab was home for the holidays, Doctor Caleb Green was finalizing things for a big press conference, making sure nothing was going wrong. Unfortunately when it came to his branch of science, temperature was key.

While it was a near blinding blizzard outside, inside the machines and computers all kept it toasty warm, but a little too toasty for the large vat containing thousands of gallons of Indomitable. So Caleb did what any determined scientist would do, climbing up to manually adjust the cooling fans which brought in chill from outside to maintain the right temperatures.

A fateful precarious balance and an even more fateful drop of a heavy pipe on one foot sent Doctor Caleb Green hurtling down, splashing unconscious in the vat of Indomitable.

The highly dangerous artificial sperm was made to be a topical cream, to apply to the skin and absorb into subjects suffering various deficiencies. But it was never made to be absorbed in such massive amounts as Caleb was exposed to.

Waking up hours later, he finds himself seemingly unharmed, amazingly having not suffered any horrible side effects besides a slight pale complexion and some bloodshot eyes. Sadly the vat he fell into was ruined and there was simply no way the research could be fully recreated, at least not for many years.

Accepting the horrible truth, thankful to be alive, Caleb Green left the lab and drove through snowy conditions back home. His thoughts were preoccupied with so many things, but when he reached a stoplight and looked over, seeing a pretty redheaded waitress cleaning up a diner before closing, his thoughts changed.

Caleb Green was now picturing this woman, picturing all women as mere objects to fuck, to bend over or lay back, to take over and over, and most importantly to breed with.

The Indomitable had changed him and he discovered too late just what monster it made of him when around a pretty female form. Doctor Caleb Green had become The Indomitable Sperman and no woman would be the same when he was done with her as the poor waitress soon found out.

Read the origin story of this holiday’s most menacing and merciless monster, straight from the monster himself, on the sixth day of Kris-mas.


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