Dec 16 2015

You can lose your mind shopping on the fifth day of Kris-mas

Brain Drain Financing by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Financing by Kris P. Kreme

Bambi and Gwen are coeds and siblings, but they couldn’t be more different. Where Bambi thinks things through to a fault, redheaded Gwen is quick to try things.

It’s Gwen’s impulsiveness that leads them to an online site called Drainazon, which promises amazing holiday buys, at bargain prices, with no tax or shipping.

Unfortunately it requires special financing to complete the purchase of a gift basket for their parents, and neither girl will be the same after draining their funds and filling up their bodies with more than the holiday spirit.


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For over two years, Bambi and her sister Gwen have been attending college together, and every year they tend to procrastinate on shopping for their parents for Christmas. This year spunky redheaded sister Gwen has found the perfect solution to cost concerns and it comes in the form of a special website offering fast and free shipping for the holidays.

Her more levelheaded and reasoned brunette sister Bambi has her doubts, especially when looking at the online retail site, some place called Drainazon. As the two chat about old times, Bambi pushing Gwen’s buttons with laughs over some of the less smart things she tended to do growing up, they push past the bickering and the oddly named retailer, finding the perfect gift basket they can custom compose and send to their parents in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately neither of them is entirely sure what the lines next to certain purchasable items means, the one that reads Price subject to financing approval. Bambi feels almost sure that means the site might not take their student credit cards, preferring more mainstream high interest forms of payment.

Assuring her sister that she already messed around on the site and it says nothing about taxes, no shipping costs, and seems really legitimate, they push on, finalizing their purchase and going to complete payment.

That is when the pop up message appears, mentioning special financing and asking if they wish to apply for Brain Drain Financing. As Bambi puts it, this clears up the mystery and the site obviously is some scam, the deals too good to be true anyway.

Their arguing stops only when both realize that somehow the laptop camera has come on, both of their images in the background of the final payment page they have been looking at.

They are asked to confirm application for Brain Drain Financing by removing primary impulse control from the purchaser.

Even though Bambi wants to close out and just hit the mall instead, Gwen acts as she quite frequently does, taking action before thinking things through, assuming it’s just a joke.

As the young college girls will soon learn, financing is never a joke and now they’ve already started the process to further sacrifices, beyond their no longer maintained impulse control.

Impulse purchases like a card with their gift, like custom graphics on their card, like the overall size of the card, all come with costs and the costs are made very clear on the screen, each sister impulsively buying one or the other, forcing each into any number of extreme payments they never would have thought possible before logging on to Drainazon for their Christmas purchases.

Only one thing is certain, Bambi and Gwen’s parents aren’t going to forget the Christmas gift they get in the mail this year, and neither will any boy on campus for the holidays.

Apply for some Brain Drain Financing, to make it through the fifth day of Kris-mas.


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