Dec 14 2015

There’s time for Milk’n Cookie on the fourth day of Kris-mas

Milk'n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

Milk’n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

When a girl named Cookie finds herself trapped in a living nightmare, on an elevator with some demented opposite of Santa, one by one things are taken until she has little more to give.

Just who is this powerful man that clearly is more than a man and how much will he actually milk from Cookie’s formerly bitchy life?


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Cookie is a good looking girl and she knows it, that knowledge combined with a natural arrogance of youth making her a real bitch this Christmas to guys who simply are drawn her way.

The last thing she could ever expect is that her looks and her attitude would draw the kind of man she finds herself on an elevator with in the busy mall.

Barely even noticing he was there until the elevator began to move, Cookie was gabbing away as usual on her cell phone, bragging about some losers who tried to take a picture with her. The man is startling though when he finally speaks up, her cell signal inexplicably going dead at the same time.

He’s dressed as Santa, but that certainly doesn’t mean this man is fat and jolly. He seems like so many other men, Cookie has encountered, leering and creepy. He’s also not afraid to share his opinion of a bitchy snob like Cookie.

As they get into a quick argument, their little discussion takes a decidedly bizarre turn as Cookie suddenly looks for the mace in her purse, only to find her purse missing.
She had it when she walked on the elevator, but now it is gone, and soon even the elevator buttons are gone, impossible little disappearances that the creepy man dressed as Santa informs her are just part of his plan.

He’s definitely not Santa, and this man doesn’t give but take this time of year, take from those who have bad attitudes and lack any inkling of the Christmas spirit.
The more freaked out she gets, the more things vanish without a second to even process their having been there. The doors vanish, her bra vanishes, one by one things maintaining Cookie’s hold on sanity vanishing as the man chats with her.

Ultimately he makes his intentions clear, at least with her. After all, Santa does love a good cookie for Christmas. As bitter and bad as Cookie is though, he’ll need something to wash it down and that’s where Cookie’s most attractive assets come into play.
Will Cookie ever escape the elevator from hell? Who is this mysterious opposite of Santa? Will it be a happy holidays culminating in milk and Cookie like never before?

Find out on the fourth day of Kris-mas.


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