Oct 09 2012

Now Released! Words Can Never Hurt You…

Words Can Never Hurt You CoverWould you like to play a game? A game of words? Words that might just mean more than you might think?

In the new Kreme Kuicky called Words Can Never Hurt You, that’s very possible…

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Nathan and his friends have never been the type to throw wild parties when parents are away, to stay up all night doing anything and everything. They are typical teenagers with typical interests, but they are by and large responsible young adults who respect each other and enjoy a quiet evening at home. That’s why Nathan had just a few close friends over when his parents left town. Some grilling of burgers, some fun conversation about the midterms they recently finished, generally just mindless fun was on the menu.

When one of them suggests a board game however, mindless fun may take on new meaning as they discover that sometimes an innocent word game can be about a lot more than words. Before the night is over, all four will find staying up all night to be only the beginning of their fun together, and responsible behavior and respect will be abandoned for only the most depraved activities imaginable.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their mind in the short appetizer tale, Words Can Never Hurt You.

A 6,000 word, 99 cent Kreme Kuickie!

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