The Kreme now offers Kandy Korn for Halloween

It’s the middle of October and it’s time to begin the Kreme Halloween with a collection of six tales that the Kreme Keeper has approved for your enjoyment…

And how else would you start, but with some Kandy Korn to enjoy?

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Kandy Korn Cover

Get ready for Halloween with the Kreme by reading six sinful classics revamped and offered in a new enhanced Kandy Korn flavor.

In Ghost Humping 101, a paranormal investigation team discovers the rumors about an old brothel might be more than just true.

In Campfire Tail, some teens telling scary stories in a swamp find themselves thrust right into a seductively scary one of their own.

In Brainnnsss! a romantic guy shows his girlfriend what fun being a brainless bimbo can be during a cheesy zombie movie.

Turning Tricks for Treats, a couple with mysterious powers has a delightfully twisted way of dealing with older teens who still trick or treat.

In Trick’er’Treat, see how Megan meets an interesting man at one house, whose conversational skills convince her how to make her costume even better.

And finally in There’s Nothing to Fear, a college professor and his brightest students unleash the ancient god of fear who feeds on twisting their fears into fantasy.

Tales to curl your toes, though possibly not in fear. Only the Kreme offers this many treats before Halloween!

Find it on Smashwords now!

On Amazon now!