Nov 13 2012

HallowKreme 2012 begins with someone Getting Spun

Getting Spun by Kris P. KremeIt’s November 13th and what better day than the 13th to begin HallowKreme 2012? There are all kinds of games that naughty trick and treaters play on Halloween. Perhaps you have played spin the bottle? But you’ve never played quite the game that these four fast friends are going to play…

…again and again…

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It’s Halloween and four friends have gathered together for a nice night in, one where the three girls don’t need to concern themselves with leering creepy guys who are only wanting to get inside their costumes.

Sure, every costume for girls over eighteen are basically slutty, but thankfully the one guy in their group is a nice guy, never one to do more than look. The night is fun, and the costumes are fitting, however the night still isn’t close to being over and they need some fun way of passing the time.

Perhaps a game, but then what game to play?

It begins as a simple friendly version of Spin the Bottle, where instead of kissing the players challenge each other to act out some characteristic or quality of their chosen costume.

However it very quickly takes a rather perverse turn and the players end up doing much more than kissing, helpless to resist the inspired challenges the bottle seems to bring out in them.

This bottle is something special, a unique intelligence inside it and that intelligence is feeding off the twisted challenges that corrupt and take these four friends in only the most bizarre directions, leaving them permanently changed.

In this game, it isn’t the bottle that gets spun, it’s the players.

Getting Spun by Kris P. Kreme is only one part of Halloween with the Kreme 2012. There is more to come…

…very, very soon.

Find Getting Spun on Smashwords now for $1.99!

Now on Amazon too!