Apr 24 2013

Don’t Hold Your Breath… Kuickies 2 is here!

The Kuickies 2 - Don't Hold Your Breath by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies 2 – Don’t Hold Your Breath by Kris P. Kreme

Sometimes you just want an appetizer of Kreme, a story snack between meals of twisted tales, and nothing tastes better than The Kuickies. Sadie is the bratty eighteen year old daughter that came along with an otherwise wonderful marriage for Tim. Unfortunately her bratty attitude is threatening to ruin his weekend and Tim simply can’t have that. Not realizing the power her attitude might unleash, Sadie’s idle threat to hold her breath may cost her more than her television privileges.

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Tim is a man ready to enjoy his weekend. He’s generally an easygoing guy, married to a great woman named Melissa. Only one thing could possibly spoil his plans and that thing comes in at five foot three filled with attitude.

He knew when he married her that Melissa came with some baggage, a daughter who now at eighteen has become as spoiled and entitled as one can imagine. While it isn’t entirely her fault having been the product of a single parent and not having the discipline of a father around, Sadie might just push Tim too far.

When Sadie refuses to stop blocking the television, demanding that Tim let her watch her music videos instead, Tim gets upset. When she acts like a brat and threatens to hold her breath until she gets her way, Tim becomes more than just upset.

What Sadie doesn’t know is that Tim may be a nice guy but he hides a dark side, an ability that only becomes active when he’s pushed too far. There’s no alternative; Tim is going to enjoy his weekend one way or another.


Find it on Smashwords now!

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