May 21 2013

The Kreme Keeper has his way with some Tasty Tales

Tales from the Kreme with the Kreme Keeper by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kreme with the Kreme Keeper by Kris P. Kreme

Greetings kiddies, and no this is not that hard working hard-on helper, Mr. Kreme. It’s none other than the Kreme Keeper, servant to the sinful sludge of stories, maintainer of the mesmerizing manuscripts, and of course keeper to all things Kreme.

I’ve done something wicked this week, captured our favorite author with a dastardly trap, locking him away with some decadently depraved d-cups on a ravishing redhead. It’s my turn to share something fun, and with your old buddy the Kreme Keeper, you always get twice the fun.

All you have to do is go and try some Tales from the Kreme with yours truly in charge.

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Come and listen to terrifyingly twisted tales, stories to spin your mind as they take what is ordinary and put the natural Kreme covered glaze to it.

In one we meet a young woman buying her first home, moving up in the world but finding that where she moves might just reshape her position in life, or more correctly offer her all new positions. Don’t worry though, her new life in the home of her dreams will come with a new wardrobe of clothing, outfits sure to fit the lady of the house.

Sometimes as they say, a home has a character all its own. Well her new home will have her on her hands and knees before she knows it.

In my other fateful fun-filled fantasy, read all about a mousy girl with a last name Wilde. Yes, Laura has never been the party girl, the one to go all out or live up to her last name. She prefers the quiet calm life and even likes a little nostalgia.

After finding an old answering machine and deciding to put it to use, Laura may be getting an entirely new message about where her life is going. You see, for some strange reason whatever Laura records on her outgoing message, the message keeps changing, becoming more and more sinfully sexual until finally she gets the message and everything becomes much clearer.

Go on and find out what happens if you dare, for these are no works of fiction. These are Tales from the Kreme, with your host… me of course.

Enjoy, kiddies.



Find it on Smashwords now!

Now on Amazon!