Jun 26 2013

She’s Just Passing and everything changes…

Just Passing by Kris P. Kreme

Just Passing by Kris P. Kreme

The most frightening manipulator is the one not aware of what they control and never seeing the chaos left in their wake. Stephanie is just such a controller, never slowing, never stopping, a being unseen by anyone but whose shadow touches all, whose presence changes their entire lives in one swift move. Just Passing tells Stephanie’s tale in 3 parts as she Just Passes By and the tale is Klassic Kreme…

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Often those who wield the most manipulative power over others stop to take advantage, to enjoy the show, to push the boundaries one step further. Many times their motives are clear and their goals are well established. Occasionally though the purpose for the chaos is not known nor understood and the ones wielding the power are Just Passing.

Together for the first time, experience the tantalizing terror, or is that titillation, that happens when people’s behaviors, goals, and lives are altered merely by being present when a powerful mystery woman named Stephanie passes by.

If anyone could see Stephanie, they’d all agree she’s stunning. As it is, her beauty remains unseen by all she passes, but everyone is still stunned in their own unique ways.

Just Passing By finds a normal sunny day transformed as Stephanie takes a walk, her mysterious shadow crossing paths with many random strangers. The couple making out on a park bench decide making out is nowhere near enough. The girls watching the TVs in a store window decide to take a friendly debate to extreme measures with random men in the nearby alley. A woman playing guitar on the street corner finds that sometimes there are easier performances a girl can do for extra cash. Further along, an arguing couple discovers just how heated they can get in all new manners.

Of course Stephanie’s casual but steady journey is far from over.

Just Passing Through finds patrons escaping the hot summer heat in a mall and that mall is about to experience an unseen visitor like never before. This visitor isn’t there to shop the stores or even browse the sales; no Stephanie is once again just passing and this time she’s bringing new chaos wherever her ever-present shadow manages to reach.

Some girls taunting the pudgy mall security guy decide to offer him something much more enjoyable. A teenager discovers that maybe being dragged around the mall by his mother isn’t all that bad. Of course the main draw this day is a local beauty pageant taking place in the center of the mall and that pageant is about to get quite a lot more enjoyable.

And Stephanie’s journey continues.

Just Passing Through Town finds a small town taken to big extremes when a mysterious visitor passes through in a fancy red sports car. Neither is seen of course, but the breeze from that speeding roadster is felt and to those in its path, life is about to get much more interesting.

On the edge of town, a soccer mom waiting for her son finds that there are many more fun activities they can both enjoy on the weekend. Down the road at a Family Planning Center, two workers find themselves compelled to thoroughly test more than just the products they offer. As church is letting out elsewhere in town, two faithful girls decide to try a little naughtiness on for size, and near the outskirts of town a car dealership is about to find all new methods of finalizing a sale.

The journey never ends and Stephanie remains out there, never stopping, never slowing, always continuing and leaving a wake of manipulation mania in her path. Next time, she may be Just Passing you.


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