You know that What Goes Up…

What Goes Up... by Kris P. Kreme

What Goes Up… by Kris P. Kreme

Celleste has always had a mind for computers, but thanks to the friendly chat of a mysterious old man, she discovers that she has an even better body for cum.

Building an incredible degree of intelligence up in her mind, what goes up… must go down, and all that intelligence drains away, leaving her empty and ready to be filled.

A bimbo transformation so simple even a bimbo could understand, What Goes Up… is an all new twisted tale from the Kreme.


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Celleste has always found that the more she learns, the less she knows of a quiet enjoyable existence. The more she crams inside her head, the more dull and uninteresting things sometimes seem. But then, Celleste is content, happy to be where she is, expertly skilled in her field of computer programming.

Having always had a knack for computers, Celleste spends much of her free time studying up at the library, nose buried in books. Whether books on programming or coding, Celleste is sure to be there, reading away, studying, cramming more knowledge into her brain, heightening her levels of intelligence while lowering her unfed lust for life.

One day while at the library, Celleste meets a friendly if rather quirky old man, a man who approaches and asks if she might not mind the company so he can rest his weary body across from her.
Seeing no harm in entertaining some public interaction at the public library, Celleste agrees and soon begins a rather unexpected conversation which seems strangely centered around her own intelligence.

The old man has many unique ways of looking at life, a perspective the modern world has frowned upon. His ideas may be as old as the varnished and gnarled cane he carries, but one of those ideas is about to change everything for young Celleste.

As he puts it, What Goes Up… must in time go down. For every rise there is a fall, and as he puts it, Celleste’s craving for knowledge has built up her intelligence so high that when at last it goes down, it may just plummet quite far.

Not buying the convoluted logic, Celleste finds herself somewhat fascinated by the concept, though more accurately fascinated by the way light twinkles off this man’s old cane, letting her thoughts quickly distract, fall away, and eventually discovering that maybe, just maybe, what she has studied hard to build up is already falling like a stone.

In the end, parting ways with this mysterious old man, Celleste will embrace a new thirst for cramming her head with something entirely different than knowledge, a craving she just can’t get enough of, but perhaps the awkward man reading in the fiction section alone can better assist her.

From computers to cum, Celleste finds that sometimes going down is much more rewarding than going up. In this unique perspective on the journey from brainy to bimbo, watch as Celleste sees the smart side of being truly dumb.


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