Time for some Valentine’s Kandy

Valentine's Kandy by Kris P. Kreme

Valentine’s Kandy by Kris P. Kreme

Bored working the night shift on Valentine’s evening, Jason finds a cure for boredom in a most unexpected place.

He assumed sharing the adult brand of Valentine’s message hearts with his coworker Kelly would be good for a laugh, her goody goody attitude bugging him to no end.

He never suspected her eating a message heart would change her to match whatever kinky message was written there. Valentine’s Day just got much more interesting.

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Yet another Valentine’s Day has come and nearly gone for Jason, a somewhat bitter guy who spends most of these holidays working the late shift at a convenience store. Unlike many his age, Jason opted out of attending college, choosing to cut his own path in life, to seek his own place. He never imagined that his place would be stuck on Valentine’s night alone with Kelly, the girl who easily could have filled a year’s worth of fantasies.

Kelly is a smart girl, the type of girl who knows what she’s doing with her life, and has the college credits to prove it. She’s more organized, more focused, and easily slashes all rumors about blondes being dumb. This year it’s Jason who finds himself feeling dumb as he and Kelly work the registers of a totally empty store.

The boredom alone is enough to drive Jason crazy but knowing that he can always count on Kelly’s upbeat and always chipper friends to stop by as well as her twin sister Kylie makes the night that much more painful.

Fortunately his pains are about to be eased as Jason discovers one odd bag of candy among those he and Kelly idly organize at the registers. This one bag of candy seems out of place, looking similar enough to the standard message heart candies but with subtle differences beginning quite simply with the spelling of the word candy.

Valentine’s Kandy it seems is geared towards a much more adult consumer, and the messages written on the tiny colored hearts brings more than a smile to Jason’s face. With catchy little slogans like Silly Slut and Fill Her Up, Jason just knows that sharing these with a good girl like Kelly will be perfect for a laugh. The last thing he expects is that when Kelly eats one of the candies, the sugar rush will send more than energy flowing through her.

These candies it seems cause a very strong reaction in whoever consumes them, a reaction that makes them embody whatever message is written on the candy. As Kelly goes from brainy coed to silly slut, the night gets a whole lot more entertaining and Jason finds that sweet can chase bitter right out of his system.

When Kylie shows up with three of Kelly’s college friends, the Valentine’s party really begins, and no one will ever be the same again. Even the one customer of the evening gets caught in the crossfire and heads home to do much more than celebrate with his eager girlfriend.

What Jason and everyone at the convenience store that night never suspect is that all of this may have been conveniently planned by a certain underworld group dedicated to spreading lust across the planet. This is certainly no day off for Cupid as the Valentine’s Kandy creates a lust everyone loves to live.

Grab the all new holiday treat, fresh from the Kreme; have some Valentine’s Kandy.


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