Jun 13 2014

Les is Moore when it comes to the Kuickies

The Kuickies #7 - Les is Moore by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies #7 – Les is Moore by Kris P. Kreme

Les Moore never got any, until the day he got everything.

A man with a life of suffering, where nothing went his way even down to his birth name, Les Moore is used to having bad days. However, standing in line at the bank one day, Les finds himself in possession of the one thing he never thought he’d experience, control.

His words spoken in anger seem to change those around him, leading to all sorts of twisted kinky fun, but who is the one really in control and what happens when Les loses what little he has?

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Les Moore has always been a man with problems, and those problems started at birth when his parents gave him the undeniably humiliating choice throughout the rest of his days to either go by Lesley or the more preferred though often punned Les Moore.

He never had the girls, never had the popularity, never had anything. His life was a joke as much as his name was, but a seemingly typical trip to the bank may change all that.

Standing in line, one of many in Les Moore’s life since nothing ever came without waiting as far as he was concerned, Les observes the surrounding people. The men and women, business professionals by the looks of it, the bank guard and tellers, even the teenage couple standing behind him, all have what he never has even possessed for a brief moment.

It isn’t women he wants, not power or money; no, all Les ever wanted is control. When a stumbling step forward results in him nearly shoving a man into one of the more attractive business women he’s ever seen, everything takes a turn for the surreal.

The angry woman rants and Les rants right back, telling her to fuck off. Her expression changes and Les witnesses the first ever instance of control, his words seeming to influence her behavior as she grabs nearby men and does exactly what he suggested in so many words.

Fueled by power, Les tries it out again, and again, making toys of the teenage couple behind him, thrilled by the chaos and perversity breaking out in a public bank. Such a formal quiet place turned upside down as no one seems able to control the ones he has somehow manipulated.

However who is truly being manipulated? Is it those in the bank or Les himself, and what happens when Les loses his control as suddenly and inexplicably as he gained it? Find out when less truly is more with the all new Kuickie, Les is Moore.


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