Nov 05 2014

November begins with a Klassic Kompilation

A Klassic Kompilation by Kris P. Kreme

A Klassic Kompilation by Kris P. Kreme

Bust out the latest sounds with A Klassic Kompilation, three tales sure to send more than your mind spinning.

In Success! Randall discovers the true dangers of successfully turning his hot girlfriend into a helpless slut.

In Sampling Candy, Candy discovers the dangers of being a mindlessly obedient store employee.

And in No means Yes, Rebecca discovers the dangers when positivity training leaves her incapable of saying no.


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It’s time to give thanks to the Kreme, for this November he’s serving up extra helpings of the Kremey tales you can’t wait to taste. Sometimes though you just like the Klassics and here are three brand new Klassics never released before, three tracks on the jukebox of Kreme.

First up, in Success! the ever nerdy and brainy Randall has already won the jackpot in college by hooking up with super hot Jessica, but he’s always wanted more. Even his girlfriend supports his kinky desires, letting him continue to seek out the solution to making his hypnoray actually work.

All he wants is what every red-blooded male wants, a hopelessly horny slut to call his own. Jessica is to be that slut, if he can just figure out the science of turning her into one. His hypnoray is just the latest in his experiments and it’s clearly not working.

Something Jessica says though sparks an entirely new train of thought, an idea that modifies his experiment just enough to where it actually works. He can and does make the coed cutie his own personal slut, but something might just be too easy about success this time.

What is the unforeseen problem with having a cum addicted coed slut? Find out in the Klassic that shows all success comes with a downside.

Next up, Candy is a college girl who’s new in town and looking for a part time job at the Piney Woods Quik-stop. She’s nervous about her first day, unsure about her fellow employees, and eager to get started.

After meeting her boss, George, Candy is quickly shown the required training video for new employees and afterwards it’s straight to the floor to get started. Today she’ll be operating the free sample table and her job is simple, just be friendly and let the customers sample what they wish to.

Despite her first shift of a new job starting out entirely ordinary, things take a very unexpected turn when customers begin requesting to sample Candy, or at least parts of her. What’s even more unexpected is that Candy is not refusing, finding herself eager to be samples, always friendly to the customers that slowly go from simply using the cute coed to abusing her in more and more pleasurable ways.

Sometimes a job is more than a girl can handle but things might turn out okay at the Piney Woods Quik-stop as most of the customers are interested in Sampling Candy.

Finally, to round out this Kompilation, No means Yes introduces us to Rebecca, the exception to the rule that all tech support specialists were nerdy and unpopular. At her work, Rebecca is always turning heads, a woman who is gorgeous, brainy, and able to handle herself quite well.

Unfortunately for her, it’s mandatory that all employees attend a work-related social improvement exercise led by Mr. Secret. A successful hypnotherapist and writer of the book The Secret to a Productive Life, Mr. Secret is there to motivate confidence and teach that negativity is bad and where there is a no there can always be a yes.

As the event unfolds, Rebecca recalls how unusually susceptible to hypnosis she was back in college, a fact that comes back to haunt her as she goes fully under only to wake when the performance is over.

Returning to her cubical for what is intended to be an ordinary work day, Rebecca soon discovers that something has happened to her and anytime someone asks a yes or no question she is compelled if not helpless to say only yes and follow through with the actions that yes requires.

Witness the struggle against her own actions Rebecca handles as an unethical and jerky coworker tries to take full advantage of her, and see if the shy sweet guy who always had a thing for her steps up his own confidence and saves the day in this Klassic that proves sometimes even the most twisted tale can have a happy ending.


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