Jan 21 2015

A Kuickie deal you can’t refuse!

The Kuickies #8 - Free Bimbo with Purchase By Kris Kreme

The Kuickies #8 – Free Bimbo with Purchase By Kris Kreme

Taking a break from working at home, Jason heads down to the brand new grocery store, Dorman’s Deals, to take advantage of a grand opening special.

Surprisingly the special turns out not to be free bread but instead a free bimbo and when all the bimbos are already given away what will Jason think of the manager’s offer to give his smart sexy wife Dana some bimbo improvements?


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Jason is hard at work from home, the new convenience of being able to work from home not all it’s cracked up to be as he has potential stress with the Peterson Account. Maybe the only real benefit is that he gets to spend more quality time with his intelligent sexy young wife, Dana.

On this particular day though, Dana is excited about a grand opening week bargain at a new local supermarket. Her reason for the excitement is two simple reasons. First, it will be a new experience actually getting to shop with her husband instead of for him. Second, the store is offering something he just loves.

Confused by the advertisement his wife shows him, Jason isn’t entirely sure what Free Bimbo with Purchase means. Until his wife points out the obvious, that it’s that brand of bread he loves so much, his mind is heading on a less family friendly path. Still, he does love the bread and he could use a break from the Peterson Account.

Only when the happy couple arrives at the store does anything seem genuinely bizarre. Even from outside, Jason and Dana notice the incredibly busty blondes wearing the Dorman’s Deals shirts, the double D letters quite appropriate considering most the women’s generous cleavage. Dismissing it as simply a promotional event, free t-shirts as well, the pair heads inside to do their weekly shopping.

What begins as a fun experience for Dana quickly takes a downward turn as Jason can’t help but be distracted by all the sexy girls in the store, most of them employees it would seem. Dana is soon disgusted at the way Dorman’s Deals is clearly using sex to sell but still she vows to shop for their items, get the free bread with their purchase and never come back again.

Finally done and checking out, the rather ditzy girl behind the register seems confused when Dana asks for their free bread. Fortunately a friendly sales manager is on hand to come and answer the couple’s questions but what will happen when he informs Dana and Jason that the advertisement wasn’t referencing bread but an actual free bimbo with purchase?

Even more concerning for Dana, what will happen when the manager apologizes but admits they are out of bimbos to give Jason? Or when the man offers to instead make some bimbo improvements to his intelligent wife, Dana?

Find out in this Kuickie shopping trip, where Jason returns home more satisfied with the new grocery store than he ever could have imagined, and Dana returns home already anticipating next week when Dorman’s Deals has Free Sluts with Purchase.


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