Jan 26 2015

Meet the Gimbo

Gimbo Gloss by Kris P. Kreme

Gimbo Gloss by Kris P. Kreme

Meet the Gimbo. Combining the empty-headed ditz of bimbos with the pale pierced edge of goth girls, read the tale of Katherine, out for a drive after fighting with her boyfriend.

The fight began over an insulting suggestion she’d look better with huge obviously fake tits. Finding his wallet, Katherine decides he’ll treat her to a makeover she chooses.

Unfortunately for her, the salon she stops at specializes in rather extreme makeovers, beginning with a little Gimbo Gloss.


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Katherine is fuming mad, enraged actually, and all of that anger and hostility is quite justifiably aimed at her no good boyfriend, Andrew. After believing him a different kind of guy, a guy who loved and respected her for who she is, he had the nerve to suggest she have work done.

Unable to believe that her once loving boyfriend wanted her to have breast implants… and not just any implants but horribly big fake ones, Katherine has to leave their apartment, if only to clear her head. The irony might be that her angered drive might just set her on the path to a much clearer head than she anticipated.

Driving along, just killing time as she thinks over the pig her boyfriend turned out to be, Katherine realizes she ran off without her usual rigorous morning beauty treatments. Even so, she still looks gorgeous, long brunette hair, naturally large breasts, and a thin figure. She has no idea why Andrew would prefer her as some fake bimbo. If there is one thing Katherine will never be, it’s a bimbo.

Then it occurs to her, the perfect way of getting back at Andrew for being an ass. She’ll treat herself to a makeover on his dime, his wallet having been left in the car from the night before. Spending a little of his money is the least she can do, so when she happens to see a sign for SPECIAL MAKEOVER in the window of a salon downtown, Katherine is confident this will be an excellent way to both get back at him and take her mind off the stress and frustration she’s feeling about the whole situation.

It isn’t in the part of town she usually frequents, surprisingly a lot of the more goth types, dressed in black, pale, frighteningly serious looking. Still, a hundred bucks of Andrew’s money is about to go down the drain.

The odd thing in the salon is just how ditzy and dim the women operating it seem, but not because real life bimbos are uncommon. No, Katherine realizes, what is odd is that they look goth and yet behave bimbo. They’re dressed in black, pale flesh revealed, and numerous piercings complementing their look. As she sits down to get her makeover, Katherine has no idea just where this day will lead her.

What begins with a hot towel facial treatment quickly becomes a strange alteration of Katherine’s image, one she can’t quite understand, and oddly can’t quite see a reason not to continue. It isn’t until they begin applying a special gloss to her nails, a simple product called Gimbo Gloss, that everything begins to spin out of control.

Katherine left the apartment complex angered with her boyfriend, determined to get back at him for wanting a bimbo in his life. It’s needless to say that her plan to get back goes better than expected and thanks to an extreme makeover like none other, a new Gimbo is happy to move on from one boyfriend to many.


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