Aug 19 2015

Which of the three is which kind to be?

Three of a Kind by Kris P. Kreme

Three of a Kind by Kris P. Kreme

There’s nothing closer than three best friends, no bond stronger, except maybe the bond between Anna, Amber, and Amy as they power up a strange and seemingly joke metal detector they uncover in the sand by the shore.

It’s the summer before college and they are three of a kind, each unique and each ready for some fun in the sun. None of them is ready for the kind of kinky fun this innocent looking metal detector is about to unleash.


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Anna, Amber, and Amy are best friends. Yet while their names seem suitably similar, they each have their own unique personalities. In many ways it is their differences which bind them closest yet during an end of summer trip to the beach, they might just find that no matter what their differences, ultimately nothing can separate them from sharing a very unfortunate fate.

Playing and enjoying the summer sun in the sand, a misstep to catch a beach ball by the always sweet Anna lands her upon what seems a potentially exciting discovery. A buried and seemingly forgotten metal detector is uncovered and the three friends are definitely intrigued. Intrigue quickly becomes embarrassed curiosity as dusting the sand off the odd metal detector reveals a most unusual display, the needle pointing towards three possible words, words each of them is quite familiar with.

Apparently some sort of novelty product, the detector apparently works by solar panel meaning it still could have some life in it, but who would build such a device, put such an expensive solar panel in a seemingly ordinary metal detector whose gauges read only three simple words… SLUT, WHORE, and BIMBO?

Of the three girls, Amber has always been the adventurous and bold type, never shying away from a little fun, especially the kind of fun people who make products like this are into. Of course the brainy one of the bunch, Amy knows it’s a joke. She just doesn’t entirely see what the point of turning on such a device could be, outside of embarrassing the three of them with what it might say when aimed in their direction.

In the end it all comes down to the basics. This is a silly discovery, degrading, insulting maybe, but the three best friends are at the beach for silly fun, the final fun before they all head to college, the most serious step they’ve stumbled upon in life lately. If there’s anything that provides silly entertainment and promises nothing serious or worth worrying about, it’s firing up a novelty metal detector and teasing each other with whatever it detects about the three of them.

As Amber flips the power, the sun shines down on three best friends, three bikini clad teens, three girls who have no idea just what turn their innocent fun in the sun is about to take.

Gauges glow, the needle moves, and one by one they each are revealed to be either a slut, a whore, or a bimbo. It’s only a joke, right, nothing can actually make them what some silly detector determines them to be, right?

Find out when three best friends discover they are more than Three of a Kind. Find out when they discover just what kind they actually are. Only one thing is sure; it’s bound to be the kind some unsuspecting guys on the beach are definitely going to enjoy before the summer is over.


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