Feb 29 2016

Leap Day cums Readers!

Leap Day by Kris P. Kreme

Leap Day by Kris P. Kreme

Every four years there comes a special day, a day that four friends will only see once during their entire time in high school together. On that day, they are skipping school and hanging out in a basement, beer and little else on the agenda.

Leap Day is that day, and when Travis and Cole chug down all the beer, Sam and Emma aren’t shocked. When Travis tells how Leap Day can grant any wishes one makes if they make them the right way, Sam and Emma will be much more than just shocked.

Sometimes drunken ramblings are not so ridiculous; sometimes wishes do come true, and sometimes it isn’t such a leap to believe that Leap Day is a day like no other.


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It’s Leap Day and while a group of friends are skipping class and hanging out in one of their basements, their lives are about to take a most unexpected leap into the twisted and bizarre.

Always the cool headed and reasonable one of his small circle of friends, Sam is as usual doubting the reasons why he’s even still buddies with Travis and Cole. The two are slackers and while he’s definitely one himself, hosting this little impromptu skip day, Sam never takes it quite to the extremes they do.

Having drained the last of his dad’s stash of beer, Travis and Cole are barely even able to stand much less form logical thoughts, and yet it’s Travis who somewhat proudly announces that today is Leap Day and according to his slurring drunken wisdom and knowledge, on Leap Day any wish one makes will come true, as long as they follow three bizarre and unrelated seeming steps.

If it wasn’t for Emma, the only girl in their little foursome, Sam probably wouldn’t be having anywhere close to a decent time, Travis and Cole constantly making them both roll their eyes and sigh. But it’s a nice day off from the monotony of school and Leap Day or not, he’ll stick with the plan of doing nothing.

Of course Travis’ little announcement about Leap Day being the day one can have whatever they wish for meets with sarcasm and disbelief, to which Travis is only too happy to stagger and perform the little ritual he says is needed in order to fulfill his every wish.

According to him, three hops, a full spin around, and then a simple wolf whistle will unlock the ability to have whatever wish is spoken next granted. It’s typical Travis, Sam thinks, and Emma is right there with him, explaining that Leap Day is only special because it’s an extra day that happens only once every four years. It isn’t magic though and wishes are not coming true no matter what little acrobatic dance and whistle one does.

When Travis successfully does his little hops and spin, following with a wolf whistle and an inebriated wish focused on Emma, their ordinary skip day slowly begins to descend into chaos, one wish at a time.

Sam, assuming at first that Emma must be just playing along with the first wish is shocked when she tells him something is wrong. But it isn’t until Cole makes a more extreme wish, in drunken competition with his friend, that Sam sees just how seriously wrong all of this is.

Somehow, by some inexplicable reasoning, Travis, the ever goofy stoner teen, has actually revealed a true method of making wishes come true. As he says it only happens on Leap Day and for this Leap Day the wishes are getting out of hand, particularly with two stumbling morons making drunk wishes at the expense of their oldest female friend, a girl they have grown up together with but now find themselves watching grow in entirely new ways before them.

With the world in his own basement around him falling into impossible chaos and Emma suffering humiliation and pain like never before at the hands of their drunk friends, Sam is doing everything he can just to keep level headed. When the two start to drag his mom in on it, having always lusted after the supposedly hottest milf of any mothers they know, Sam finds that the only way to fight back against the depraved wishes is with some creative wishing of his own.

Will Travis and Cole ever truly sober up? Will they finally get some action from Sam’s hot milf of a mom? Will Emma ever be the same again? Are these questions making you thirsty for some refreshing milk? You’re in luck, because all these questions and more are only to be answered on the one day of the year that otherwise never exists, the one day that hasn’t existed so far for any Kreme reader. Get ready to have one hell of a day; get ready for Leap Day.


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