Apr 26 2016

The answer is always yes to SINtendo

SINtendo Gimbo Game Girl by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Gimbo Game Girl by Kris P. Kreme

Forced to have a babysitter while his parents are out of town, eighteen year old Gavin and his best friend Lane are bored out of their mind.

Lizi is frumpy and dull, pale and definitely nothing to fantasize about just to occupy time, and the two have far too much time to do nothing.

When Lane brings over a game system he swiped from his cousin, everything changes, for the boys and especially their frumpy babysitter.

Promising transformation rewards, the three will play a simple Yes No question game, where Lizi will soon be screaming YES in ways never imagined.


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Nothing is worse than being left with Lizi, at least for Lane and Gavin. The two are well over the age of needing a babysitter, but then neither was ever accused of being the most mature for their age. After a house party the last time his parents were out of town nearly destroyed several of his dad’s high dollar toys, Gavin now has to put up with Lizi, the family friend no friend to him and his best buddy Lane. She’s as depressing to their fun as she is to her own clothing, constantly wearing the least flattering baggy all black outfits that cover so much of her skin there remains a decent chance she might be a vampire.

All kidding aside, Lizi really isn’t helping matters and isn’t allowing Gavin or Lane even a tiny bit of fun. But when Lane arrives with a very special game system he swiped from his cousin’s house, things are about to change for all three of them.

SINtendo is a name Gavin has heard of but not Lizi, no surprise as boring and rather drab as she is. Still, the game that Lane found is no less than perfect for their mid twenties babysitter. Gimbo Game Girl is a simple game as is anything SINtendo, requiring at least two players and one game girl to play with. The goal is simple, earn transformation rewards for each YES response to a player chosen question asked of the selected game girl. Naturally with a title like Gimbo Game Girl, the transformation rewards are going to ensure that Lizi is soon embodying both a goth girl and a bimbo in ways she never imagined.

The only trick to this game is that the chosen game girl will remain totally unaware of the changes until a winner is announced, retaining the attitude and annoyance both boys have grown to dread. Naturally that means tricking Lizi into playing by convincing her it’s a trivia game where they come up with their own trivia. Her attitude is sharp and initially resistant but what’s a little attitude when Lizi is soon revealing more supple sensually swollen pale skin than either ever imagined seeing and doing things to keep both gamers quite stimulated until the very end of their gaming session?

Ask a question, get a YES. Seems simple, right? It’s not near as simple as Lizi will be once both boys are done with her. Each question made up to direct Lizi into saying yes offers transformation rewards, three options the boy asking the question can choose from to claim and inflict on poor Lizi. Soon enough their babysitter might just be behaving more like a baby maker in ways most humiliating, much to Gavin and Lane’s amusement.

Every boy plays mental games with the babysitter, but older boys play much harder, thanks to SINtendo.


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