The Lost Kreme has begun to be unearthed

The Lost Kreme issue #1 by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme issue #1 by Kris P. Kreme

There are legends that tell of lost treasures, stories so sneaky and twisted that they ran off only to get lost amid the jungle forest, but this tale has been found and she is called When you Wrath upon a Star.

Jenny always wanted to be a cheerleader, but after a week of torturous tryouts at the hands of Elisha and Megan, failure and humiliation was her fate.

Elisha and Megan face a much worse fate after Jenny wishes their cruel words against her onto the two perfect looking girls in ways those girls never could have imagined.


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Every so often a Kreme Tale goes wandering off alone, before readers have a chance to enjoy it, before ever reaching you, the reader. Those tales often are found sneakily hiding in the forest, but thankfully, look at the cute little tale we’ve found for you this month. She thought she was lost but now she is found and fun, and this tale is called When you Wrath upon a Star.

Everyone may have had different experiences in high school, but no one can deny that it is a wrathful time of wild mood swings, bitter jealousy and anger, as well as hormone fueled rages best left in the past. For Jenny, her high school ambitions are about to meet with the wrath of the two biggest bitches in school, a couple of cute yet evil cheerleaders who may just bring about Jenny’s own wrath upon themselves.

Always wanting to be a cheerleader, Jenny finally thinks she is fully prepared for the rigorous week long tryouts. She’s trained all summer, worked harder than ever, and is in the best shape of her life, but none of that may matter when Elisha and Megan are the ones in charge, co-head cheerleaders who may have their perfect looks but lack anything close to perfect when it comes to attitude and compassion.

Whether it is the blonde untouchable and likely untouched virgin Elisha or the raven haired Megan, putting up with either girl is worse than bullying. It’s sheer torture with their snarky comments, cruel jokes, and arrogant bitchiness famed throughout the school.

Jenny is put through her paces, knowing the routines well but always found to have a fault or flaw by one of the two bitches. Ultimately it comes down to jealousy disguised behind the two cheerleader’s claims that Jenny is just too busty to be a cheerleader, that she’d be better served off campus in a strip club. From Elisha ridiculing the poor Jenny with comments about her sucking the attention away from the others with her bouncing boobs, to Megan calling her cow tits, there is barely enough self control to have Jenny refraining from beating them up just for the humiliation.

Being the bigger person though, Jenny holds her anger in, and the night after tryouts ended in an epic fail for her she sees a shooting star and lets that anger out, figuring in truth what are the odds that a wish can really ever come true, no matter how awesome it would be if it did?

Sometimes though, just sometimes, a wish comes true and for Jenny, her specifically stated wishes about Elisha truly learning what it is like to suck the attention out of a room and Megan feeling what it’s like to be a genuine cow tits kinda girl are about to change the fates of two otherwise perfect looking girls.

Wrath unleashed like this has never been seen in any high school, but for Jenny and the others at her school they may never even see their bullying bitches of the cheerleading squad again as it merely takes one weekend for Elisha and Megan to embrace a new passion for an entirely different set of ‘sports’.

As Elisha wakes up on Saturday morning, she feels a strange rumbling, a hunger which grows and grows until the poor girl can’t control herself or what she is eagerly sucking and taking over and over from the most inappropriate people. As Megan wakes, it isn’t so much a hunger as a thirst, which when quenched isn’t enough and only starts to pack on some pounds in two very specific places.

No one escapes the wrath of angry teens during high school, not even the two queen bitches who thought they had it all, until they truly did take it all in quite the multiple positions and styles, something neither of them ever would have wished for.


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