Jul 12 2016

It takes a lot of Ink for over 333 Tales of the Kreme

Wishful Inking by Kris P. Kreme

Wishful Inking by Kris P. Kreme

35,000 words celebrating over 333 Tales from the Kreme! Prepare yourself for a story which might just be 333 times as kinky, with all the Kreme you’ve come to expect and 333 extra servings on top. It’s an all new character, an all new Klassic, and a tale so epic you won’t believe how long it is.

Confiscating an adult DVD from one of the frequent troublemakers she deals with, Guidance Counselor Michelle gets a bit tipsy from wine and ends up watching it.

However, watching an animated character like Donk E. Dickthruster is one thing. Getting fucked by him is something entirely different.

Somehow, Donk has escaped his cartoon world and entered reality. Visiting each of her neighbors, he twists and transforms them through desires or wishes they never fully knew they had.

Will Michelle find a way of stopping him, or will this merger of reality and cartoon reach a conclusion no one sees coming?


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35,000 words celebrating over 333 Tales from the Kreme! Prepare yourself for a story which might just be 333 times as kinky, with all the Kreme you’ve come to expect and 333 extra servings on top. It’s an all new character, an all new Klassic, and a tale so epic you won’t believe how long it is.

Michelle Nubbusser has never let the stresses of her job go home with her, but after a particularly frustrating Friday as a high school Guidance Counselor,she’s about to bring a lot more than stress home to her gated community.

Having stayed late to deal with one of the more famously troubled seniors, Michelle finds herself confiscating an adult DVD he was caught with in the halls after class. What’s most unusual is how nervous Kellan is about her taking the DVD, which is an animated adult feature supposedly about some giant square jawed lunkhead named Donk E. Dickthruster.

Kellan isn’t concerned about her going to his parents or even about this affecting his impending graduation. What has Kellan most nervous seems to be his fear that she will watch it. Begging and pleading, he tells her that Donk is dangerous, not the DVD, but the character himself, and to just not watch it.

Assuring Kellan she has a lot better things to do than watch some dirty cartoon, Michelle lectures him about focusing on the future, setting goals on what he wants from life. Unfortunately for her, what she wants from life such as a day or two off isn’t happening this weekend.

Parting ways with Kellan the troublemaker, Michelle realizes she’ll have to take the DVD home with her, as the office in school where confiscated student property is held has already been locked up for the weekend. She isn’t sure if that bothers her more than the simple fact there is an Local Educators Conference taking place in part of the school all the next day, one she has to attend which makes a weekend off seem out of the question.

Michelle has always been one of the ones the teens refer to as a milf, seriously attractive even if in her forties, and strangely the opposite to her brainy study obsessed daughter, Grace. Since Grace is away until the next afternoon at a Mathletes competition, the house she arrives home to is quiet and empty, one of many in a small gated community.

Even as upscale and gated as this small neighborhood is, Michelle is quick to note that all her neighbors have their problems. Whether it’s another senior at the high school, Tim across the street, and his current at home suspension for drawing dirty pictures, or it’s the constantly bickering polar opposite college twins, Zoey and Zelda next door. Even Alec on the other side of her seems to have some frustrations, the man raising a bright and thankfully well behaved girl, Rose. Maybe the most troubled is poor Joe, the hardworking plumber who owns his own business constantly berated by his wife for one thing or another.

A stressful day of her own, Michelle is perhaps too quick to pour a glass of wine and settle back into a soft couch in her living room, barely even considering preparing a dinner of some kind as tired as she is. Loosened up and relaxed by wine, Michelle finds herself giving into temptation and a morbid curiosity for the perverse, popping the DVD of this Donk guy in for a half drunken viewing.

The cartoon is typical stuff, freaky scenes of carnal passion only animation can make into reality, this Donk E. Dickthruster supposedly cursed to have a pen for a dick, possessing the power to grant deeply hidden desires and wishes by merely touching others with that dick, or more frequently fucking them or spewing a load over them.

It’s strangely entertaining, chaotic and pretty thin of any plot other than seeing how twisted and kinky the animated sex can get. The poor victims of Donk’s always grinning crazed libido seem to enjoy the after effects of his sexually perverting them more than they ever enjoyed the relatively normal scope of their cartoon lives before he came along, so Michelle is soon happily cheering him on, but it isn’t until she makes an unthinking half passed out wish that Donk was real when things really get twisted.

Waking up, seeing how late it is, Michelle barely has time to think about ejecting the DVD before the doorbell rings, but this is one unexpected late night visitor she’ll never forget, and neither will her neighborhood over the next 24 hours.

Donk E. Dickthruster is there, impossibly animated body as three dimensional as hers though retaining that brightly colored cartoon style and wearing a grin so much bigger than a real man could ever have. But what does this cartoon man want from her, and what are the powers of his cursed ink pen of a dick going to unleash now that they are free in the real world?

Neither Michelle nor each and every one of her troubled neighbors could ever predict just to what depths of true perversity the next day will take them, even as Michelle wakes the next day assuming it all had to be a dream and continues on with her Educators Conference as planned.

While she discovers lasting effects to an encounter with Donk, the man himself visits the neighbors one house at a time to bring animated chaos into their lives, one unspoken wish at a time.

To escape the insanity that grows, Michelle may have to rely on troublemaker Kellan for help, but more humiliating she may just discover the sinister secret of Donk E. Dickthruster and that she’s just one of the stars in his next DVD.


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