Jul 25 2016

It’s been a while… The Kuickies return!

The Kuickies #10 - Mouthing Off

The Kuickies #10 – Mouthing Off

The Kuickies have been simmering for well over a year… Now they return!

Evan is frustrated enough at 22 and living at home, but his bitchy sister Mikaela can always turn the screws even more.

After a wish that people take him fucking seriously inexplicably comes true, Evan is unaware of just how his words will be taken when he mouths off in anger to Mikaela and her best friend.

Pretty soon those two girls will be in a debate of truly dumb degrees over just who is the sluttiest around, and Evan might just end up being the deciding vote.


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Evan had always known he was a hothead with a short fuse, though he never could say where he inherited that trait or just what set him off. Frustrations probably came from many places, not the least of which was the fact he turned 22 while still living at home and having zero prospects of a girlfriend or even too many regular friends.

Maybe his mouthing off was to blame, maybe it landed him squarely where he was for good reason, but one thing was certain even if it wasn’t clear to him yet. Mouthing off was going to be what changed his life, socially, and sexually, quite permanently in the coming days after his birthday.

Evan’s parents still treated him like a baby in his eyes, his mother insisting on throwing some surprise birthday party for him, complete with a cake and her specially found candles at some new party supply store. Maybe the candles were what did it, those candles she forced him to make a wish over. Although the truth is, Evan knew those candles didn’t control his words, or his actions later. It was all due to his tendency to mouth off without warning.

Making a wish that everyone would just fucking take what he said seriously, like the fact he didn’t want a party or some humiliating family gathering where his bitchy sister spent the time mocking him, Evan stormed off.

In the following days, his parents left on their yearly summer trip, leaving him and his sister Mikaela in charge of the house, and for Evan he naturally knew that meant it was a matter of almost no time before Mikaela’s best friend Ruthie showed up and the two of them annoyed the hell out of him.

Trying to enjoy some peace and quiet by the pool in the backyard, Evan’s lowest frustration in some time reaches a sudden height that puts his blood pressure through the boiling point when Mikaela and Ruthie come prancing out to make life miserable for him. Of course this is only the first time he has felt that urge to mouth off in days since his birthday and it’s quite the mouthful.

Angrily ranting for them to leave him the fuck alone and go argue about who the dumbest slut is or something, Evan is mildly surprised to see how quickly they both do just that, climbing from the pool and heading inside without another word.

Assuming that some humiliation and insults finally did the job of cutting through Mikaela’s bitchiness, Evan never suspects that inside the house the two best friends are now entering an argument like no other, one where the girls each insist they are not only the dumbest, but the sluttiest around.

Just what efforts will these bubbly beauties go to in order to prove they are the dumbest slut in town? Just what extremes will they entertain? And will Evan find out that somehow his wish has come true and everyone truly does take what he says quite fucking seriously… in literal ways he never imagined?

Find out in the latest brand new Kuickie, guaranteed to heat your summer up.


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