Aug 29 2016

No talk show is as Trance-tory as this one is

Trance-tory Talk Show by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Talk Show by Kris P. Kreme

There’s much more than talk on the all new Trance-tory Talk Show. Unfortunately brand new fresh from college Beth has no idea she might be getting all the action this talk show has to offer.

From the clothing they have her wear to the makeup applied before hitting the stage, Beth will be doing much more than talking Trance-tory with the audience, and her co-host Adam definitely has no trouble selling the night’s lineup of unique offerings only from Trance-tory.

Daytime talk shows can be dull but after dark an all new program is taking over, Trance-tory Talk Show.


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Beth is fresh from college, an early graduate with as stunning a grade point average as she has looks. Positive, upbeat, and quite charitable, Beth has no idea that her lucky break in quickly getting a job after college might just have her being more than just charitable with the audience.

Trance-tory Talk Show is the all new way of branding and promoting the products of a company that has fingers in every branch of daily life. Along with the highly experienced and even more highly energetic infomercial salesman, Adam, Beth will host a weekly program that explores multiple new and developing products in a wide range of themes.

Nervous as would be expected, the lovely Beth is possibly more concerned over the bizarre choice in wardrobe, a pink prom dress looking costume that Adam assures her is exactly what the show needs to succeed. It’s clear to see she matches the set, but just what is the secret of this material she is wearing and what will Beth find out about it when she realizes it’s made of Tranceon, an all new material that is just one of many products and innovations they will be telling their first audience about?

Whether it’s the clothing or the simple fact that the audience is all men, Beth isn’t sure what to think of this new job, but fortunately Adam has years of experience selling Trance-tory to much more reluctant minds than Beth, and he’ll talk her out of more than just her nerves as the first show gets underway.

Among the products on their agenda for Trance-tory Talk Show episode one are Trance-istic bio-chemical makeup, which is just fancy speak for man made makeup to make a man hard, at least according to Adam. In addition to the Tranceon material in the costume Beth is wearing, which sizes and shapes the wearer as it forms to their body, the Trance-istic bio-chemicals create emotions and sensations within the wearer. All this has poor nervous Beth feeling a whole new set of feelings before she can barely get used to her first night on the show… but that’s not a problem for the men of the audience.

More products are on the agenda, but will Beth even be aware of what those products are or will she even care that every man in the audience is getting free samples of some quite stimulating medicinal developments brought to you by Trance-tory?

Only Trance-tory can have a Talk Show where the talk leads to this kind of action, and only Beth can truly co-host the way Trance-tory needs her to co-host, thanks to the surprisingly stimulating benefits package that cums with taking a job like Beth took.

Check your local listings, late at night, because Trance-tory’s marketing team is taking over the airwaves with the all new instant hit, Trance-tory Talk Show.


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