Oct 02 2016

It’s more than a ghost of a chance that HallowKreme is here…

Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition by Kris P. Kreme

Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition by Kris P. Kreme

Plotting and planning to put some friendly scares into their best friend Chloe, a girl Nick and Andy have secretly lusted over for many years, they trick her into visiting a reportedly haunted house.

This house though is the home of Peter Geist, a spirit who will put a lot more than friendly scares into all three, possessing their bodies and using those bodies in only the most kinky ways imaginable.

It’s Halloween with the Kreme 2016 and time for some hauntingly good fun!


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The small town of Jacoby doesn’t have all that many residents living in it, but in a long empty home on the outskirts of town, there resides one resident who isn’t living at all.

Known only as Peter Geist, a name adopted well into existing as a spirit, he is a mostly harmless entity, alone across time within the walls of a decaying structure that rarely brings guests. However, Peter does have a special sort of power, a truly possessive trait that only certain uninvited guests can both inspire and bring upon themselves.

During the month of Halloween, brash young people often make the dares and follow through on a visit to the old haunted house outside the town of Jacoby, and should those young visitors bring with them a lovely young warm living doll of a girl, Peter Geist just might insist on a little play time of his own.

Nick and Andy have been friends with Chloe for many years, growing up on the same street together. While Chloe may never have known it, she alone is the reason both boys practically flew through puberty, and now as young adults the two pranksters have decided to put some scares into their sweet innocent friend.

The goal is simple, take Chloe for a little visit to the creepy and reportedly haunted house one night approaching Halloween. They’ll scare her, get some sweet photos of the frightened cute girl, possibly even a nice indentation of nipples through her perfectly lust inspiring green top.

All they want is the photos and a fun night, the photos making for plenty more fun nights on their own in the future. After all, they may all be soon heading out into the world, but that doesn’t mean Chloe won’t live on in their fantasies forever.

After successfully tricking Chloe into visiting the old house with stories made up about old paintings she might can salvage, the fun is about to begin, but is the fun truly going to be Nick and Andy’s?

One by one, Peter Geist greets his special guests, the boys’ eyes rolling up into all white as Peter guides their words and deeds. But Peter is quite the amorous apparition and he has quite a true taste for girls like Chloe… a taste that Nick and Andy feel as well once possessed by the need to squeeze that taste right out of her.

Chloe was a welcome if uninvited guest and that’s all thanks to her teasing friends who will be much more than friends thanks to the host of the home. Even if Peter Geist only can work his influence until the sun rises, that doesn’t mean Nick and Andy won’t have a certain willingness to rise on their own with Chloe for a long time after.

Halloween with the Kreme 2016 gets it going with a tale of paranormal possession where the influence isn’t anything if not amorous, and more than just the blood will be pumping and flowing.


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The next treat for HallowKreme will be… tentacles. Lots and lots of… tentacles.