Oct 14 2016

Be careful what you say during HallowKreme…

The Strength of your Vows by Kris P. Kreme

The Strength of your Vows by Kris P. Kreme

Stopping on the way to his wedding to help a stranded motorist, Jonathan meets an appreciative old gypsy man. In thanks for his kindness, the man bestows a special blessing, ensuring that the strength of Jonathan’s vows will be absolute and unbreakable.

Unfortunately Jonathan’s best man plays a prank on him by handing him fake vows, purposely written to be insulting and perverse.

When asked to read his vows, Jonathan finds true horror, unable to stop himself reading those crude fake vows, and watching as they literally change his sweet young bride into a slutty variation he never imagined.


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The month of October might be host to all sorts of frightening festivals and events, horrors and terrors beyond imagining, but for Jonathan the scariest part of the month might be supposed to be one of the greatest days in his life.

It’s Jonathan’s wedding day and he is traveling to the church, already a little late, worried he will be pushing back the pre-ceremony photos and possibly upsetting his sweet young bride, Jessica. Although the truth is what terrifies him into constant anxiety lately isn’t being late, and it certainly isn’t the lovely Jessica who is the kindest and most wholesome sweet girl he ever knew, someone he instantly knew he wanted to be with forever.

The most terrifying thing on Jonathan’s mind are the vows. They each wrote their own and he has to speak his first. He’s so worried about the vows he hardly can focus on the positives of the day ahead, and maybe that is what makes him swerve off and pull in behind some old man whose truck has broken down. Not only is stopping to help the right thing to do, it’s a time he needs to further prep himself, to not freak out about the vows he will soon speak in a church crowded with family and friends.

The old gypsy man is quite the character, friendly and highly appreciative for such a kind and giving gesture as Jonathan has provided, especially on his special day. Insisting that he owes Jonathan something, the old man asks if he would accept a special blessing for his special day.

Naturally Jonathan isn’t the type to feel owed anything but if it makes the man feel better to repay his kindness with a blessing, he’s fine with it. Clasping him on the shoulder, he looks Jonathan in the eyes and chants a breathy whispered blessing, one where the strength of Jonathan’s vows will be unbreakable and absolute.

As strange as it all seems, Jonathan has to admit, his encounter with the stranded gypsy on the side of the road has done some good. He’s feeling better, less anxiety about the wedding, and when he shows up, even discovers they have chosen to wait on photos before the ceremony to be more traditional and not let Jonathan see the bride beforehand.

Everything seems to be going well and Jonathan is wondering just why he was so worried, Jessica as beautiful as ever when she begins her walk down the aisle, not a single eye looking elsewhere.

Of course, Jonathan has been handed his vows by the best man, a somewhat notorious prankster friend of his, and as he glances over those vows, his eyes widen and all the nervousness from before returns.

It seems that Caleb, his best man, has seen fit to play one last little prank on Jonathan, swapping the vows he had asked Caleb to type up with crude insulting vows no man would dream of reading aloud. Obviously he knew Jonathan would hesitate when he first looked at them, and obviously it was never the intent the ridiculously over the top rude and perverse vows ever be actually spoken.

But when the time comes and the minister asks Jonathan to read the vows he wrote, something uncontrollable is possessing Jonathan with a calmness never felt before to part his lips and read the vows he holds, the vows that Caleb only swapped as a joke, the vows that send him into a pit of horror while he reads each and every perverse word about the lovely young Jessica.

Nobody seems shocked though, and Jonathan realizes that the words he reads are becoming absolute and true as he reads them, not only changing Jessica into the perverse slut Caleb intentionally exaggerated about as a prank, but changing everyone in the church but Jonathan to accept and even look past those qualities.

With each line he reads, more and more of the old Jessica is gone, and the new one is acting quite openly whorish, things taking place in this church that never should take place anywhere close to one.

But what will happen as Jonathan finishes his vows? Will the greatest day of his and her life be the worst, or will even Jonathan find that there is simply no escaping The Strength of your Vows?

Halloween with the Kreme takes a walk down the aisle, where the bride is definitely wearing plenty of white for her special day.


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