Dec 12 2016

Kris-Mas gets Popping

Pop Up Paula by Kris P. Kreme

Pop Up Paula by Kris P. Kreme

After a hectic week during which a geeky boy declared his love and tried to kiss her, Paula now just wants to get her Christmas shopping done online without any surprises.

Unfortunately surprises like she never could have imagined are just a pop-up ad away, and they are soon coming faster than she can handle, each ad doing something much more devious than just forcing an advertisement on the college freshman.

Online shopping is supposed to be less of a hassle, but this Kris-mas, the dangers of it can be downright depraved.


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College student Paula has always been a girl of both positive thinking and planning, and even if she has had a rough week she isn’t about to let the frustrations stop her from her meticulously planned online gift shopping for Christmas.

With her roommate already gone from campus and many students away, the dorms are nice and quiet, just the right time to sit with a cup of coffee and search out the best bargains, ordering and shipping all the gifts she knows will just make her family and friends so much happier.

Paula has always been a perfect combination of blonde good looks and yet sharp intelligence, but this year a little online shopping may change everything, thanks to a sudden barrage of persistent pop-up ads which stubbornly refuse to slow down.

She’d so recently had computer issues and awkwardly had to ask for help from Randall, the one boy in the coed dorms who took having a crush to a whole new level. He was creepy or odd to most but Paula was nice, as she was to everyone. In the past week though twice Paula had embarrassed or disappointed Randall, once when he unexpected professed undying love to her and she had to let him down, the other when he assumed her accepting his tech help meant she was open to a kiss.

Only Randall could have helped her even be able to online shop, his technical expertise great no matter what his awkward loner attitude was about things. So now she knows there is just no avoiding the pop-up ads, since she definitely isn’t calling on Randall again. After the awkward refusal of a kiss, Randall had ranted and raved, and she’d just let him, let him call her a blonde fluff and say horrible things she knew he probably didn’t mean.

Still, as awkward as all of that was, the pop-up ads which just refuse to stop popping up at the worst time are getting more and more awkward themselves, both in content and how she feels even looking at them. As though it weren’t frustrating enough dealing with a flood of spamming pop-up ads while trying to pleasantly shop for gifts, Paula also pricked her finger on some loose wire thing in her mouse while simply clicking X to close out the ads.

Just what is the deal with these pop-up ads? Why are they plaguing Paula this Christmas season? And more importantly why is she finding the ads changing more than just her passing thoughts as she reads them before X-ing out of them?

Pop-up ads are always annoying, but never were they more dangerous than poor Paula discovers, as soon enough Paula may be happily transformed into someone’s perfect Christmas present and she definitely won’t be too hard to unwrap.

On the second day of Kris-mas, online shopping can be downright mind numbing, but as fun as going from bright to bimbo in no time at all.


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