Dec 14 2016

Start Wrapping Up Kris-mas

Wrap It Tight by Kris P. Kreme

Wrap It Tight by Kris P. Kreme

Jason is an easy-going guy, much less stressed than the sales woman ringing up his purchase of a special sweater for his girlfriend Sadie.

But just what is the deal with the woman’s insistence that he have the store wrap that sweater extra tight? And definitely what is up when he wraps it himself loose and somewhat sloppy and Sadie seems to loosen up herself upon opening it?

Kris-mas gets kinky thanks to messy wrapping.


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Jason is not one to spend extravagant amounts of money on his girlfriend Sadie, so many of the crowd of shoppers in the clothing store likely doing just that with no concern over budget or practicality. Fortunately for Jason, Sadie has never cared.

She isn’t the kind of girl to demand gifts, which given the amazing figure she has is saying something since it’s hard not to imagine guys going out of their way to gift her whatever she might take an eye to. And that is what has motivated Jason this year to be a truly loving and surprisingly attentive boyfriend. Instead of the usual coupons for free massages or cheap freebies like that, he noticed her commenting about a sweater in the window at a store and now is waiting to purchase it, a real surprise that should light her up.

Waiting in the long line to pay, Jason is as easy-going as ever, always a patient guy, which is why he’s been so cool with Sadie’s no sex rule, which is a rule he respects fully and figures is just another fun thing to anticipate in their lives together. However the woman at the register when he pays for the sweater throws easy-going Jason for a bit of a loop.

Assuring Jason it’s a lovely sweater and Sadie will be very happy, he can’t help noticing the way the woman checks the tags while removing the security clip, the way she seems almost uncomfortable about something, and even more the rather odd persistence of her insisting he has the boxed sweater wrapped there at the store… and wrapped extra tight.

Jason knows gift wrapping costs extra and he’s busting his budget as it is, but when the woman goes out of her way to offer a free voucher, completely free gift wrapping, he doesn’t know what to think. Finally agreeing to have it wrapped, Jason stepped aside only to find an even longer line for gift wrapping.

As patient as he is, it’s been a long enough day and maybe the woman just doesn’t know the kind of girl Sadie is, because he knows Sadie and she couldn’t care less how a present is wrapped. It’s the thought that counts, not the wrapping, and Jason has no clue what could be the reasoning behind a tight wrapping job.

Spending a little time at home, Jason wrapped the gift himself, and sure it wasn’t the neatest job by far, a rather loose sloppy attempt, he knows that Sadie will only appreciate him making the effort as it’s just the kind of girl she is.

It was on Christmas Eve when Jason couldn’t wait any longer and gave Sadie the gift, one which would surprise him far more than her as it seemed he had no idea just what kind of girl Sadie could be.

Dressed in her sexy Santa outfit, Jason was thrilled that she was so happy to be surprised, but as she began to rip into the loose wrapping, Sadie reacted quite unexpectedly with a gasp and a moan.

It seems that Sadie is thrilled more than he could have imagined with the sweater, but is it the sweater she is excited by or the experience of opening the loose sloppy wrapping?

Just why is she so grateful it has her forgetting any rules in their relationship she herself was so dedicated to preserving?

How many ways will Sadie thank Jason for a special surprise gift he wrapped himself… and will that wrapping be the only thing loose and messy before the night is over?

On the third day of Kris-mas, pay attention to the wrapping, because loose and sloppy is more than a way to wrap a gift.


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