Feb 02 2017

It’s time for the SINtendo big game!

SINtendo Super Slut Sunday by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Super Slut Sunday by Kris P. Kreme

Far younger than her soon to be husband Jack, Kendall has wanted to fit in with his friends. When one of his two best buds, Quinn, invites her along to watch the Super Bowl, she’s thrilled.

Unfortunately Jack finds out his pals haven’t changed their tune about settling down, only inviting Kendall along to make a game out of her.

Gareth has a tablet game called SINtendo Super Slut Sunday, and supposedly every successful bet the three of them make on what happens next in the game offers Kendall up as a reward.

Is this a joke and obviously an impossible game, as Jack suspects, or will he regret bringing a sweet young bride to be into a place she won’t walk out of the same?


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11,000 words of SINtendo!

Ever since Jack got engaged to Kendall, his two longtime buddies Quinn and Gareth have become distant. Guys he used to spend all his younger days with being rowdy and raising hell were suddenly bugged that the man who once saw women just as they did, mostly as amusements and fun in the sack, suddenly was maturing and settling down with one girl he respected and admired.

Kendall has only heard tales of his buddies, and in her early twenties is much younger and more excited about just an opportunity to meet the best friends of the man she loved. It’s for that reason alone that she’s so nervous and excited on the way to Quinn’s house to watch the Super Bowl together.

For whatever reason it seems Quinn and Gareth have finally decided to make peace, only for the first time inviting Jack over with his new fiancée instead of without her. It’s a good sign, Jack assumes, until that is he arrives at his wealthy buddy Quinn’s palatial home and discovers little has changed about how his two immature friends see a woman like Kendall.

Making unsubtle leers, checking out the sexy woman near half their ages that Jack landed, Quinn and Gareth quickly pull Jack aside to tell him of a special game they invited him over to play, and it promises to be much more entertaining than the one on the big screen Kendall is settling down in front of.

Apparently Gareth, who always was into avoiding work by being a game tester, has gotten access to play a new game by a company called SINtendo. It’s one Jack has never heard of, but one he quickly realizes must be as fake as his friend’s good intentions were.

According to Gareth and Quinn, the tablet game is called SINtendo Super Slut Sunday, and as they put it so bluntly, today Kendall was invited to be the game. It works simply enough, each of them taking the tablet and placing a verbal bet while they hold their hand over it. It must be a bet on an upcoming play during the Super Bowl, or pretty much anything about what will happen during the game.

Bets can be quite unusual or about the next play or score. The only rules are that the bet must be about some upcoming action during the televised game. If the one holding the tablet and making the bet wins, they get a reward in the form of Kendall and she will do whatever reward they select from the screen of the tablet which shows her seated already watching the big screen.

However, bets can be doubled down to cut off the next player’s turn but if those bets are lost, Kendall suffers a punishment which must be chosen by the loser. It’s a simple set of rules for a Super Bowl companion game, but the entire thing sounds ridiculous to Jack. Not only is it depraved looking to read what the options are for rewards and punishments but it’s crude and horrible of his buddies to be acting this way towards the love of his life.

Kendall has made a nice honest respecting guy out of Jack, but nothing about even entertaining this game would be any of those. Unfortunately Quinn has offered a choice since it’s his house. Either Jack confirms Kendall as the prize for all bets or he goes out and tells her it was a mistake and the two of them were never invited and must get out before the game even begins.

Having seen her anxiousness and excitement for days now, having seen how she did her best to even learn about football and feel ready for watching the biggest game of the year with her soon to be husband’s oldest friends, Jack knows he can’t simply break her heart and take her away from something she was looking forward to. He also knows that no such game such as the one Gareth has set up could possibly exist. It’s stupid to even entertain that idea.

Reluctantly he gambles on their silly bullshit game and confirms Kendall as the prize, not noticing the brief stiffening posture and odd closing of Kendall’s eyes in the next room.

Only when his buddies take their turns and place their bets, each one winning, and each one getting something from Kendall they never possibly could have gotten, something she never would have done, does Jack realize the warped game he has mistakenly agreed to put his sweet fiancée in the middle of.

Forced to make his own bets to try and sway the game his way so that nothing more humiliating happens to Kendall, who remains clueless of her actions after the rewards are complete, Jack quickly finds his luck is not with him for this year’s Super Bowl. Before long he’s watching the girl he respected and looked forward to a long loving life together with get perverted and used in nearly every imaginable way, and worst of all are the impossible depraved methods of those perversions thanks to this ridiculous company called SINtendo.

Will Jack shape up and win the final bets on this year’s big game, or will he lose a lot more than a simple Super Bowl bet among old buds? Will Kendall ever realize what she is doing during her brief blackouts more and more frequent during the game?

It’s time for the biggest sporting event of the year, and this year no balls will be deflated. Kendall will make sure of that as she unknowingly becomes the star of SINtendo Super Slut Sunday.

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