It’s not hard to be… AgreeABEL

AgreeABEL by Kris P. Kreme

AgreeABEL by Kris P. Kreme

Abel was never the guy who stood out in a crowd, just an average guy in his early forties who like most guys spent time fantasizing about his hot wife.

Unfortunately his wife Kelly was rather routine when it came to living out those fantasies… at least until an unusual encounter with some sort of fallen satellite in the forest left Abel with powers of persuasion he’d never imagined before.

Just what has happened to Abel, and where will it lead? A new Kreme legend is borne and his adventure is only just starting.


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Abel never was much of a morning person, though a wife like Kelly could inspire him to still be up just past dawn. It was a morning when everything changed for Abel, everything eventually changed for Kelly, and their relationship changed forever.

Always an average guy, Abel had a number of years on Kelly, finding his early forties like most men did, still wanting to be the man but slowing down as life always tended to do. It was for that reason alone that Abel made the habit of taking walks in the forest behind his home, and it was shortly before this walk one morning that he was half asleep watching Kelly flip pancakes over the stove.

Always focused, always a woman for details, Kelly somehow managed to look wide awake and perfect before Abel could even form a coherent thought, and so Abel blamed his morning brain, still refusing to awaken, for the slip of the tongue which led to a typically tense situation with Kelly.

A man was a man, and it didn’t matter the age, at least for Abel. He loved his wife, found her the sexiest thing alive, and naturally when a man’s mind began to wander, it wandered about the woman in front of him, his wife of five long very happy years.

He’d learned long ago never to suggest his idle fantasies to Kelly, because logical practical and always in focus Kelly did not appreciate immature ideas. So naturally the idle thought of going up to Kelly and bending her over the stove while she cooked pancakes to quite thoroughly fuck her brains out was a bad thought to have… not in thought, but a bad thought to admit to Kelly.

When a slip of his tongue revealed he’d been distracted by a thought he had, there was little hope of getting past the always inquisitive Kelly, and so Abel had to fess up to another idle fantasy, a rather tame one involving his lovely wife, but one which she found anything but tame.

Naturally Kelly never remained angry for long, at least when Abel admitted the fantasy, but she did tend to exaggerate such fantasies, saying that it was crude and unsanitary at the least, and he probably shouldn’t think she was the type to enjoy some man just attacking and raping her over a hot stove.

It was hardly an argument, and Kelly was over it before Abel even left to go on his walk, but his mind was running over and over in his mind just why his lovely young wife couldn’t be more agreeable to a little spontaneity.

Sure, she didn’t need to be the type that loved getting screwed all over the house, the kind that as she put it got off on getting randomly raped. She just could be a bit less rigorous and methodical about their love making. Abel wouldn’t have minded a bit more than once a week, a bit more than just making love. They could fuck once in a while and still be a happy couple.

It was these thoughts which distracted Abel upon discovering the crashed object in the forest.

Was it a satellite, or was it something else? Abel couldn’t tell, but clearly the storm last night had brought more than just fallen limbs and thunder and lightning Something had fallen to earth, and that something gave Abel the literal shock of his life as he tripped and fell against it.

All Abel thought of was his wife, was Kelly and how he’d been so focused on their differences, how she wasn’t all that agreeable to his perspective on things. He was a pretty average guy, but the luck of having her was far beyond average and this chance encounter reminded him how lucky he was.

Stumbling back to the house, Kelly found Abel muddy and bruised from his fall, but as she rushed to him and touched her fingers against his skin, some of the jolts inside him traveled like a static burst right into her and after that everything changed.

Just what possibly could have explained Kelly being so willing to agree to a spontaneous blow job right there in the driveway? Was it because she simply felt bad about their argument and almost losing her husband to his accidental fall in the forest… or was it something more?

Abel has only just realized that sometimes even an average stand up guy can sink into depraved fantasies when he has a wife who suddenly will agree to any of them.


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