Feb 22 2017

Very little is PredictABEL

PredictABEL by Kris P. Kreme

PredictABEL by Kris P. Kreme

Discovering an object in the forest, Abel received a gift which left everyone agreeable to his ideas.

It also left him charged, able to pass on a bit of the same perverse gift to others based on their thoughts or actions when touched.

After having fun, Abel realized this power needed to be kept in check. But when too much restraint leads to an explosive touch between Abel and an old street performer named Mesmos, the immediate future may only be seen as Mesmos chooses to see it.

No one can predict where Abel Bodied Month ends, but an eccentric pretend prophet may find that predicting isn’t as fun as manipulating after meeting Abel.


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After his once responsible friend at work, Danny, got in real trouble for inappropriate conduct during business hours, Abel made a decision to stop using his influence, his agreeable persuasion over others. He also has completely avoided any skin on skin contact with anyone new, desperate to avoid shocking more perverted abilities into others.

But was that a wise decision?

Nobody knows what the future holds for Abel, and each and every day has become a struggle, a paranoia about accidentally touching someone and setting them off on a path of depravity even Abel can’t predict. Having the ability to have every remark or suggestion made readily agreed with means that Abel is stuck never knowing if he’s doing the right thing.

A once ordinary guy with ordinary troubles, Abel’s life has gone to highs and lows he never anticipated thanks to the mysterious crashed object in the forest behind his home.

The real question is whether the effects from that encounter are wearing off over time, or only getting stronger. Abel fixed the issue with Danny at work by taking the blame for his behavior, making up a story about borrowed meds for a headache which clearly caused Danny some extremely poor judgment in the workplace. Of course that just led to a mandatory two week leave for Abel as punishment.

Sure, many might have just used the special talent he’d acquired to have those bosses agreeing to no punishment, maybe even agreeing to forget anything ever happened, but Abel made a promise to himself.

Now he has spent time contemplating what the future might hold, unaware as he walks the streets in thought that his future may be on a collision course with a man who sees and knows all.

That man is the Great Mesmos… also known as a street hustling performer who is well past his prime, but who happens to be right in the way as Abel rounds a corner and bumps into him.

Fortunately for this Mesmos character, Abel has taken every precaution, including gloves, to avoid any accidental bare skin contact. The Great Mesmos though has a performance in full swing with a small gathered group of more skeptics than believers.

Claiming the ability to see the immediate future of any chosen subject, Mesmos quickly latches onto the accidental run in with Abel and holds him from continuing on his way, offering to prove their meeting was more than just chance.

As Abel lets the old kooky man try and guess his name, he notices the huge heckler in the bunch, a bulky muscular biker with a submissive seeming girl at his side.

It’s as he’s paying more attention to the others watching this sidewalk performance that Abel feels Mesmos pulling off one of his gloves, making claims of human touch needed to truly perform impressive predictions.

As soon as the old man touches Abel’s hand, bringing it up to his head as part of the show, sparks like never before shoot right out from where they touch, the poor old man sailing back and even his eyes glowing as he stammers and seems jolted by a surge of power like nothing Abel has seen so far.

Resisting using his abilities, holding off on human contact, both have simply built up a reserve of whatever now resides inside Abel and the Great Mesmos has taken a shock that soon gives the old pretender actual abilities beyond anyone’s belief.

Pulling away, Abel can only watch as the old harmless street magician discovers a way to serve up some truly harmful revenge against his biggest heckler of the day.

Will Rocko the Biker and Becca, his girlfriend, find their immediate futures predicted or manipulated? Has Abel uncovered a flaw in his plan not to use his abilities? Just what will ultimately happen and where is Abel Bodied Month leading?

Find out in the tale that truly puts the dic in PredictABEL.


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