The Lost Kreme is warm and fuzzy this month

The Lost Kreme #5: Sweater Stretchers by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme #5: Sweater Stretchers by Kris P. Kreme

Lost for a time, something massive has been unearthed for Kreme readers everywhere… something massive in the mammaries.

Sweater Stretchers Incorporated has the newest alternative to breast implants, a natural injection of special nano-gel that can be controlled by remote to increase or decrease breast size.

Three test subjects from various walks of life are about to experience the ups and downs, quite literally like never before as they ultimately discover a side effect of truly dumbed down and turned on proportions.


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Over 15,000 Words of Kreme!

Every so often what would become an instant Kreme Klassic falls into exile, lost among the forest of tales new and old, but fear not readers, for these are sought out and recovered as part of The Lost Kreme, tales you may find familiar but have never read in their final form, their uncut extended and often entirely new intensity. Prepare to have your mind blown and your sweaters stretched this month, with The Lost Kreme #5.

Corporations are always about themselves first and foremost, but with a lighthearted amusing name like Sweater Stretchers Incorporated, just how bad could their product be to give it a try?

Three diverse test subjects are about to find that out. Meeting with the secretive man in charge, brash young attorney Kelly Spencer, typical housewife Lindsay Reynolds, and attention seeking coed Hillary Hall are ready to be implanted… to be the first trial recipients of Sweater Stretchers, the all new natural way of getting any size breasts they can imagine at the push of a button.

Each has differing reasons for the trial, whether it’s simply as an added advantage at playing the male monopolized legal world and winning more cases like Kelly Spencer, or it is simply to boost self confidence, possibly drain away some shyness as with Lindsay Reynolds. Young Hillary Hall is the only one purely excited about using the Sweater Stretchers as much as she can.

After explaining that Sweater Stretching Bio-gel will be injected into the breast tissue which uses advanced nano-technology to link with the Sweater Stretchers remote each will have, the trial is set to begin, all results to be closely monitored regarding usage and size and ultimate effectiveness.

Only as these three women return to their lives looking the same as ever until up buttons are pushed per their desires, the man behind Sweater Stretchers Incorporated hides something sinister none will ever know about.

Sweater Stretchers do indeed work just as described, simple pushes on up increasing their breast size and down decreasing them back, however there are side effects from continued use, progressive side effects the three will become aware of in very different ways as each use the implants for their own purposes.

Each time the Sweater Stretchers are used, each feel of growth within their soon to be larger chests will cause hormonal shifts, releasing immediate pleasure and desire. It’s minor at first, but as with anything stretched, eventually it snaps and so all three women are walking time bombs for losing themselves to the pleasure and desire, losing literal brain cells as their minds numb to the unbelievable pleasure of having their tits inflated and deflated and ultimately stretched beyond their wildest dreams.

These three test subjects will be everything Sweater Stretchers Incorporated needs to land huge contracts in the adult entertainment industry. No one will be spared drooling in envy at the results of what becomes of Kelly, Lindsay, and Hillary, and like it or not, they are mere pawns in a perverse game they never could imagine.

Just who will stretch the furthest, who will lose their mind the fastest, and what sort of future will three once flat chested and now forever busty bimbos have? Find out in the Lost Tale that is so big it’s difficult to imagine how it got lost, the epic tale Sweater Stretchers.


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