Apr 27 2017

SINtendo springs into action once again

SINtendo Extinguis-HER by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Extinguis-HER by Kris P. Kreme

The plan was made before the week from hell hit Cory’s senior year. Best buds with Sam, he was to spend the weekend gaming, Sam’s dad a game developer who had almost every video game ever made.

Alexis, Sam’s older sister, ruined everything by spreading horrible rumors about Cory, humiliating him to the entire school.

Now Cory only wants one thing, revenge, and after Alexis pisses off her brother, even Sam is willing to help out, keeping his mother distracted while Cory plays a special game… one that might just be the end game for Alexis.

SINtendo Extinguis-HER provides gaming heat, and Alexis is going to feel the fire hose that can put that heat out, many many times over.


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High school senior Cory has had the worst week of his life, humiliated at school by his best friend’s older sister, a tantalizing bitch who was held back a year and has been ruining what was to be Cory and Sam’s year on top.

Worse still is the fact they’d made plans well in advance of the humiliation dished out by Alexis, plans to spend the weekend gaming and hanging out at Sam’s house. So now Cory finds himself ranting and steaming when he should be excited, wanting to be anywhere but the home of the bitch who caused his humiliation.

Sam, always the easygoing guy, is simply trying to help Cory forget about the past, even if the past most recently includes vivid memories of Alexis telling everyone in school that she caught Cory jacking off outside the girl’s locker room, and even worse that the loser couldn’t cum more than an ounce so apparently is closer to being a girl than a guy anyway.

Suggesting they play any game Cory would like, his choice, knowing that Cory is well aware Sam’s father tests and develops video games so has pretty much every game ever made, Sam can only roll his eyes as Cory has already been thinking about one game in particular. Unfortunately his choice is one of ‘those’ games, the games his father keeps locked in a closet never played, never opened. They are the dangerous adult games from a company every horny kid has discovered through urban legend or online rumor, and of course what other game would Cory want to play than a SINtendo game.

Grinning, Cory tells of the game he found information on, the one he wants to finally end Alexis’ bitchy reign with, SINtendo Extinguis-HER. The game as most are is simple, giving the player the ability to use the portable SINtendo Whee YOO touch controller to literally turn up the heat on any part of a chosen woman’s body, building that heat slow or amping it up fast. And naturally the only way to put that heat out is to Extinguis-HER with the player’s special enhanced fire hose.

As much as Sam can agree that his sister is such a bitch she might well deserve ending up a massive cum bloated perversion of her former slender self he just can’t condone literally ending her the way Cory wants to. Of course when Alexis herself ends up walking in and demanding use of the great room to practice her gymnastics routines because the ceiling height is better, ruining a weekend of gaming she knew her brother had planned with his friend well in advance, the gloves are off.

Her insults and cruel streak has finally struck deep, and with everything Cory was saying, Sam only has one thought in mind, leaving the room to Alexis, taking his best friend to the closet where ‘those’ games are kept. The plan is simple, he says, handing Cory the key to that locked treasure trove of SINtendo games. Sam will get his mother Melinda out of the house, his father already out of town on business. With Melinda, Sam’s attractive mother, out of the way, there will be nothing to keep Cory from playing his special chosen game and truly teaching Alexis a lesson she won’t forget.

But as with all things SINtendo, sometimes the game plays you as much as you play the game, perverting even already intended perverse intentions to a degree beyond anything ever imagined.

Will Cory find himself going a bit too far in heating up and extinguishing the flames of orgasmic passion with the sexy bitch Alexis? Will Sam survive his mother dragging him around shopping for embarrassing things like lingerie and bras? Will Alexis ever do gymnastics again with the warped bloated figure she receives? And just how twisted is this gaming weekend among best buddies going to end up?

Find out in the SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, a game that promotes safety in hot situations the way only SINtendo can, by as much unsafe sex as possible.


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