SINtendo returns for one more round with Readers

SINtendo Prey and Spray by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Prey and Spray by Kris P. Kreme

Hannah has a pretty good thing going, great guy like Troy who lets her live rent free as his girlfriend, occasionally nags her about helping with the bills, but never whines too much when she frequently borrows his money.

Of course Troy might have different thoughts, and he’s definitely not as satisfied as a boyfriend should be. Too busy and in a hurry for work, Troy barely has much time to tell Hannah about the special surprise he got her.

She always enjoyed intense all day long gaming sessions on the couch, but she might regret an all day game of SINtendo Prey and Spray, the game where mutated monsters do a lot more than just attack.


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Troy always believed in Hannah, even despite all his buddies telling him she was the kind of girl that pretty much drained a guy. Now that she’s been living with him, finding one excuse after another to avoid seriously looking for a job to pay her fair share, he might just have had enough.

On a day when he’s late for work, has found out she borrowed money from his wallet again to buy some stupid video games, and is listening to the same excuses all over again, Troy doesn’t have a lot of time to finally confront Hannah.

She was a great girlfriend before moving in, but now she always avoids conflict in the relationship by flirting her way out of trouble and her obsessive intense gaming addiction is really beginning to bug him, even if he knows many guys might kill for a girl as hot as Hannah who knows her way around a joystick.

Not much joy, but Troy might have just the game to solve his troubles, something he hadn’t been planning to pull out, only as a last resort, but a surprise he has for Hannah, nonetheless.

She’s been constantly talking about the brand new Prey video game, wanting to play the game about some mutating monsters in super surrounding high definition graphics.

Even mentioning it before leaving for work is enough to get her eyes off the screen, but Troy has found her a very special edition of the game, not one for the systems she usually is into, but all set up and ready if she switches over to channel zero.

Hannah is a diehard gamer girl, serious about beating every challenge, and naturally it doesn’t matter the version, she is excited as hell to get her hands on the game she has been going on about for so many months.

Only as soon as Troy leaves, Hannah finds that this variation of the game might just have mutated monsters getting more than their hands on her.

SINtendo is a silly sounding company, but the game Prey and Spray seems distinctly like she’d expected, at least in certain ways. It has the same vivid first person graphics, and the mutated and ever shifting monsters definitely strike her as the same style… but when she is attacked by one on screen, Hannah discovers she feels every bit of that attack off screen, as though real life invisible mutant monsters are right there in the room with her.

As the tentacle suckers of one monster firmly root themselves in her mouth on screen, the controller drops and Hannah finds she literally can’t close her mouth. What’s worse is that these monsters seem to be less about the violent attacks and more about spraying her full of their slime… a slime she definitely recognizes after getting past the first attack.

Struggling with the controls, Hannah might just soon be struggling to fall into lusty unwanted thoughts as the monsters get much more personal, spraying her insides in ways she never felt a video game do, going well beyond stretching her, and leaving a somewhat recognizable slime swollen remnant of the girlfriend Troy left behind.

Will Hannah ultimately get gamed hard like she always gamed herself before? Will Troy find a way of paying those bills Hannah never wants to help with? SINtendo answers Troy’s Prey-ers like he never imagined, with SINtendo Prey and Spray, the sure way of getting a girl’s ‘full’ attention.


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