Jan 22 2018

Days Later… It’s SINtendo

Days Later... SINtendo Arcade by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… SINtendo Arcade by Kris P. Kreme

Days ago, the owner of Aces Arcade walked in to find an employee working hard screwing a girl senseless. Joe knew that SINtendo was involved, and meant his prized possession in the backroom of the arcade was to blame.

Determined to put his rare SINtendo Arcade console from the 80s under more than lock and key, Joe has hired the Geek Gang to install a top of the line security system.

An intelligent redhead named Kari leads the install, known for her bitchy arrogant attitude. Brian overlooks such things since it fuels his perverse fantasies of her, and on this installation he might mount a lot more than cameras when he stumbles upon the ultimate in old school gaming.


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It was just days ago that Joe came in to find the slacker employee at one of his properties, Aces Arcade, screwing a local girl senseless right there at the counter. Naturally with his nephew Kevin in a rant about all the chaos SINtendo had caused for their own family the last thing he needs is this kind of problem getting worse.

Joe had tossed and turned in the days after firing that employee. He’d quickly locked and bolted the door to the backroom, to that large storage area where malfunctioning old arcade consoles were kept, but more importantly where his prize possession, the one and only still existing SINtendo Arcade console from way back in the 80s.

Yet bolting the door isn’t enough, not when Joe still isn’t sure just how the slacker kid employee of his found the thing in the first place. Little does Joe know that it was never the slacker employee, that one of his frequent gamers settled an old score in his own family using the console that makes a game out of fucking around. And even less does Joe possibly suspect that his perfect plan to further secure the SINtendo Arcade machine will in fact settle an all new score for a guy named Brian.

Joe wasted no expense on the elaborate security install he arranged with the local Geek Gang. They’ve sent their best installation expert out to handle everything, keypad coded secure door, variety of cameras monitoring the back room, and more. But Brian is not that expert.

Kari has risen up the ranks at Geek Gang, barely into her twenties but already the boss on installation jobs, highly intelligent, highly attractive, and even higher of a total bitch.

A stunning busty redhead is far from the expected when most think of the Geek Gang, wearing their standard yellow top and blue pants, arriving at Aces Arcade in the Geek Gang van with her employee Brian, an older man she absolutely despises. Unfortunately for Kari most employees avoid install jobs with her like the plague, since her attitude is so much uglier than her body.

For Brian he’s always just put up with the bitchiness, the cruel names, the demeaning attitude she has in every venomous word she spits at him. The truth is he’s content to lock away the fantasies, and he has plenty of nasty fantasies when it comes to Kari. A girl that hot who’s constantly bitching and moaning only has a man imagining better ways to make her moan, kinkier ways, truly twisted ways, and Brian never lacked for imagination.

About the last thing he imagined though was that when Joe leaves them alone to handle the all day install in his arcade, Brian would stumble upon something that couldn’t possibly be real in the back room.

Like any straight male worth his manhood, he’s read about SINtendo, the company that supposedly puts the sin back into gaming, a company out of Japan whose famous advertising campaign demonstrated just how adult their gaming was. The one thing he never had heard of was an 8-bit Arcade Console that took quarters in exchange for old style video game fantasies.

Sent to be out of her sight while Kari handles the complicated keypad install, Brian finds himself on camera setup duty in the backroom of Aces Arcade and naturally comes across the one piece of gaming equipment that doesn’t seem dusty and dated, a machine that he can’t resist wasting some time and a quarter at.

Offered a game called Beastly Beauties, where Brian can direct his custom chosen character through several beastly encounters with the ultimate goal of taming that beauty, Brian already is grinning before the cheesy arcade music begins and he takes control of the buttons and joystick.

Entering the name Kari, he’s shocked to see an exact blocky little replica on the old tube monitor of the very redheaded bitch he came on this job with. Somehow the game even shows her represented in an 8-bit version of the front of Aces Arcade, as though it knows exactly who he wants to play with.

Among the many fantasies he had about defiling bitchy Kari, watching cartoon monsters stalk and assault her definitely wasn’t one of them, but for today it will definitely do.

Playing the game there’s just something so awesome about seeing the Kari character get violently enjoyed, watching those monsters grab her and lift her like a feather, watching them shove her face first into the wiring of the wall she was working on, seeing the electricity cook her stupid and plump her like a hotdog. But what Brian never imagined in any fantasy was that while he games, Kari is dealing with everything on screen.

Simply working an install, Kari is helpless to defend herself as invisible but quite clearly male monsters grab her, squeeze her, do such depraved things again and again to her. No voice, no time to scream, she’s violated again and again in crude impossible ways, never seeing a thing but feeling everything, particularly the shocks from those exposed wires.

All games have to end, but how will this 8-bit encounter climax? Will Kari be a Geek Gang bitch or a bitch in a Geek Gang bang? Will Brian finally get what he always fantasized about and more once his game is over? Will Joe have a secure arcade once more?

It’s time to slip a quarter in the slot, and see what else slips inside the slut. It’s time for Days Later… SINtendo Arcade


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Soon… Days Later… Flip out.