Apr 08 2018

SINtendo always gets high grades

SINtendo Grading on the Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading on Steeper Curves by Kris P. Kreme

Before the school year, Haley was an ethical teacher faced with failing and making five star football players ineligible to play on potentially another championship team.

Her husband and a SINtendo educational app called Grading on the Curves changed all that. Now, after another championship year, with those five athletes about to graduate, a cute young student teacher threatens everything.

Investigating grade tampering, Rose is a redheaded menace to everything Haley and her eager boys worked for, so this time Haley herself is setting up Rose the same way she was set up.

The stakes are higher, manipulations more extreme, and the curves are much steeper in the sequel you never saw cumming.


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Over 13,000 Words of Kreme!

The sequel to SINtendo Grading on the Curves!

Back before this year of high school began, upstanding young attractive teacher Haley was tricked by her husband into using a very special SINtendo educational application to give five star athletes at the school a pop quiz. The pop quiz pretty much popped poor Haley from moral ethical educator to willing slut for the football team.

It was all done in order to help keep those players on the team, to potentially win yet another state championship, and now the end of that school year has come, more trophies in the cases, more awards for a quite well motivated championship football team.

But trouble has been brewing for over a month now, trouble in a very attractive young form. Rose was sent by the school board barely a month or so back, and she is a student teacher assigned to look into potential allegations of grade manipulations.

Her specific target has been Haley, the teacher all the football players seem to get along best with, though thanks to some stealthy hook ups, Rose has no idea just how well the players and their favorite teacher get along. Still, she has caused a real problem, and been nothing but a nuisance, and this time Haley is going to borrow a play from her husband’s depraved playbook to ensure that sweet student teacher Rose gets a real breakthrough in her investigation… one where she ultimately gets broken.

Plotting a plan that even her husband Thomas can’t suspect the end result of, Haley borrows his special tablet, the one he installed the SINtendo Grading on the Curves application on so many months back. She then calls all five of the star athletes who took that quiz and then took her in so many ways back before school began.

They’re soon to be graduating seniors, at least unless some little redheaded student teacher fucks with their grades, and so this time Haley is giving a cheat sheet, answers to all ten of the randomly selected trivia questions the boys will be given, and she is letting Rose give the pop quiz, just so she can witness that the boys really are smart enough to have earned their grades.

As before, Grading on the Curves offers rewards for each correct answer, and with a cheat sheet just in case, the student athletes are guaranteed all ten rewards, rewards that may leave Rose nothing but a cum bloated bimbo slut with less education than anyone around.

But what is the end result Haley is plotting to enjoy; what is the surprise she has for her husband Thomas? Find out in an all new surprise sequel that proves education is no game. This time the questions are as hard as the students answering them, and the curves are much steeper.


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