May 12 2018

She stands Autocorrected

Autocorrected by Kris P. Kreme

Autocorrected by Kris P. Kreme

It’s enough that Meredith’s oldest friend is pushing her to flaunt her busty body now that they are away at college. She’s also dealing with a major headache in the form of her new cell phone’s autocorrect feature acting very odd lately.

No matter what she types, the autocorrect makes last second changes that remarkably start to make more and more sense, yet only in a crude often depraved way.

It’s annoyed her, but soon it may do a lot more After a series of text exchanges with a guy in her Print Advertising 101 class, Meredith may just find her actions more than her words somehow autocorrected in very inappropriate ways.


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Meredith has never gotten the hang of texting as well as her outgoing oldest friend and college roommate Kelly. But when her new phone begins acting up, she might find that what she texts is getting the hang of her.

Confused by a text Kelly sent her about embracing being a BBB, Meredith gives up on trying to text back since the autocorrect feature has been acting very strangely on her new cell phone. Laughing at the fact she had to call, Kelly simply teases her that she was reminding her studious coed friend how she’s a busty beautiful blonde.

Meredith definitely never felt comfortable in her own skin, but never less comfortable when reminded that in recent years she really has matured to blonde perfection in many men’s eyes.

Getting set for her first class of the day, walking across campus, and dealing with the always sex obsessed Kelly on the phone is not going to make the day any less embarrassing, but after ending the call, things take a truly frustrating turn Meredith has found bothering her more and more on the cell phone recently.

Receiving a text to make peace that Kelly was only kidding around, Meredith thumbs in a quick response, which is immediately upon pressing send autocorrected into something she did not intend to say.

Leave it to Kelly to find the mix-up of silly autocorrected words amusing, but nothing about this is amusing to Meredith who finds more and more every text she sends getting autocorrected and actually made wrong.

When her Print Advertising 101 class is canceled and a rather good looking guy from her class informs her that they are to use to the time for their final assignments of the semester, Meredith assumes her focus of the day has taken a welcome turn away from her phone annoyances.

Unfortunately this guy, Todd, is a bit freaked about the upcoming class critique, where they all will display the print advertising campaigns they came up with for whatever random assigned product or service. Fifty percent of the grade on the final will be based on feedback from fellow students, so he humbly asks if he might get her number to bounce some ideas off of, calm his nerves about his own final project.

Figuring it always might be nice to have someone else in class to check her own work, Meredith shares her number. It helps that Todd is one of the nicer guys on campus, seemingly not ogling her chest or acting arrogant or anything. The problems arise when Todd informs her he’ll text in a short while about the final assignment.

The last thing Meredith needs is someone who doesn’t know her as well as Kelly getting the autocorrected texts. Unfortunately Todd is over his minutes for the month already and texting really is all he can do.

Since he already has her number, there’s not much to stop the first of his texts from popping in a short while later as Meredith uses an empty study room on campus to go over her Print Advertising assignment. As expected, attempting to send a simple text back about funky fun colors he used in his work autocorrects and the message he receives mentions fucking fun, which she is horrified by and he merely finds amusing.

But just what is actually going on with Meredith’s new phone? Why is every further text she sends in this exchange with Todd becoming less and less a funny malfunction of autocorrect and more and more strangely specific perverse remarks on her part?

More than embarrassment at what she sees getting sent in text to Todd, Meredith is starting to feel a tingling in her fingers. At least it begins there, but before this day is even halfway over, she might just find that somehow the phone has autocorrected much more than her educated morally dignified words.

She was always a smart blonde, a responsible focused student, and a good girl… but all that may change when Meredith finds herself, more than any words, quite thoroughly Autocorrected.


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