Oct 06 2018

Some costumes are irresistible

Costume Chaos: Busting the Bride by Kris P. Kreme

Costume Chaos: Busting the Bride by Kris P. Kreme

Spending all year perfecting her Halloween costume, Melina doesn’t care that she’s a bit old to still trick or treat. She has the best costume ever, perfect backstory to establish the costume, and is ready for her candy.

However the first house she visits has a most unfriendly young woman, Christina, who clearly hates Halloween, yet was talked into dressing up as a corpse bride by her boyfriend Zach.

Offering advice as well as a backstory to get into the character, Christina only angers Melina more… and one should never anger a mind controller on Halloween, particularly not one who takes costumes quite chaotically serious.


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It’s never too late for the perfect costume and college age Melina spent a whole year perfecting her mind controller costume Of course naturally in perfecting the costume, she needed a backstory for why she wanted to dress on Halloween as a mind controller.

Her backstory is just part of the costume though, as there’s also the somewhat advanced geek tech she incorporated into the costume that allows her with a flick of the wrist to put anyone into a trance, opening their mind, and truly showing that a good costume is a lot more than a mere disguise.

But where Melina is a perfectionist with her costume, heading out door to door ready for candy, she’s also a bit of a harsh critic when it comes to other costumes and seasonal decor.

Meeting a young woman not much older than herself at the first house she visits, Melina is quickly annoyed by the attitude she gets, but puts on a smile and offers her thoughts on the general living dead decor in the yard, noticing the corpse bride costume the young woman wears.

When this young woman, Christina, mentions her boyfriend Zach was the one behind having to get dressed up, personally hating the whole holiday, Melina offers to help out… with words of advice about her costume. However a flick of the wrist has Christina in a trance and Melina giving the most important part of any costume… the backstory to Christina about hers.

Will Christina generously accept the quite detailed if morbid backstory about how she became a corpse bride… and then send Melina on her way loaded down with candy?

Of course not, but will the backstory become the real story when Melina the mind controller gets really angry? HallowKreme continues with trick or treating gone very very wrong, for the one who answers the door and snubs the newest character in the Kreme universe. Melina’s a character who puts a lot of thought into costumes… and a whole lot more chaos into the costumes of those she doesn’t like.


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