Nov 17 2018

They just can’t stop rubbing

Always Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Always Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

First Greg discovered the genie in the old lamp. Then Caleb tasted what his son enjoyed, his exotic wife Courtney. Finally they shared the lamp with an old friend Derek, whose wife Liz lacked in the curves each always wished she had.

Yet Derek thought the lamp a joke, and he wished while Liz was working, her boss Principal Ty Hamilton taking advantage of the newly curvy bombshell of a redhead.

Now it’s payback time, Derek realizing Liz never made a wish, and through her and Courtney’s wishes, Derek, Caleb, and Greg can achieve revenge and much more.

As elaborate an ending as you could wish for, everyone involved will be Always Rubbing More than the Lamp.


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Over 12,000 Words of Kreme!

It was all supposed to be a gag… just an elaborate joke Derek assumed his buddy Caleb had played. Clearly it wasn’t a joke and clearly the genie in the lamp was real.

As impossible as it seemed, it was the absolute only explanation for what happened to Liz at the school during her supposed detention supervising. It was crazy to look at how she had finally arrived home, the asshole boss of hers Principal Ty Hamilton having completely ruined her, fucking her epic tight redheaded newly busty body into a freakish remnant of what it probably had been right after Derek wished it that way.

He’d recorded everything, all the wishes he made on Liz’s tablet, intending to share a laugh with his kinky fun loving wife once she got home. It was only too bad she arrived home literally fucked stupid, barely coherent, so massively bloated full of that obviously well endowed principal’s cum that she already looked as pregnant as she probably was.

Yet Derek isn’t even upset and horrified by purely what Liz looks like. He’s mostly angry that he didn’t get to cause any of the obviously intense sexual damage that took place. Liz is his wife, was always his better half, and like him she had a healthy sexual appetite that apparently got seriously warped if she would let a man she hated fuck her into a cum bloated moronic mess.

If anything, Derek should have been the one to fuck her that way.

Three wishes had led to the situation Derek faced, watching his newly minted bimbo wife feel such clueless pride at having cheated. The lamp no longer recognized his touch, the genie refusing to awaken since he’d already made his wishes, but what if.. he thinks… what if there was a way to not only fix everything with Liz, but a way to get revenge on Ty Hamilton forever, to get revenge by cheating the system that ancient oil lamp established?

When Caleb calls to check in on Derek and Liz, Derek puts his scheming idea into motion, explaining how he never thought it was real, how he made the wishes while Liz was working at the school and that her jerk boss Principal Hamilton got to her first. He invites his buddy and Caleb’s son Greg who first discovered the lamp over for a little plotting and planning, an idea that the others never thought of since they were too busy spending most of their days lately fucking Caleb’s wife Courtney into rather elaborate cum filled explosions again and again.

Just what is that idea… the secret that will finally set in motion everything Derek ever wanted of his sexy redhead wife Liz? It’s really quite simple… Liz never touched the lamp. And as Caleb and Greg point out, neither did Courtney.

That means there are still six wishes available for the taking, provided they steer their wives in the right direction.

Ty Hamilton took advantage of the wrong man’s wife this time, the cocky black principal of a remedial high school nearly as arrogant about cheating as he is about taking honors for pretty much doing nothing that benefits any of the students of Hawkins High School.

That’s where the ultimate in revenge unfolds, as Derek, Caleb, and Greg manage to precisely word wishes to not only undo everything done to Liz after the wishes affecting her were granted, but also set in motion a night of horror for Ty Hamilton. As it just so happens according to one of the newsletters from Liz’s work, that very night at a hotel downtown, there is an educational conference taking place.

During this conference they will be recognizing the leaders from schools around the district, and of course that would provide an opportunity for public gloating that Ty Hamilton simply couldn’t resist. And where Ty goes, he always takes his trophy wife Diamond, a gorgeous blonde white former exotic dancer, and their lovely mixed race daughter Chloe.

Diamond may have once danced on stage but it was all classy, clothes on kind of entertainment, and that was years ago. Their daughter Chloe though is the true pride of their eyes, smarter than any, far too smart to be a student at her dad’s school.

But just how classy or smart will either woman be once wishes are granted that set in motion the revenge Derek is owed for what Ty Hamilton did to Liz?

It has all led to this, a truly chaotic final chapter to the trilogy that gives more than you could wish to read about. Will Diamond and Chloe Hamilton receive a whole lot more than a hard lesson in learning at the educational conference downtown? Will Liz finally be the hot Jessica Rabbit wife Derek always wanted? Will Courtney finally have someone else to take the literal pressure of becoming an explosive cum ball off her for a change? And will there be an all new freakishly large weight to carry between Derek’s legs?

It’s more wishes, more elaborate plotting and scheming, more severe consequences, and more extreme sexual chaos than you’ve ever read. And while it might be more rubbing of the lamp, Caleb, Greg, and Derek know it’s much more than that. They know they will be Always Rubbing More than the Lamp.


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