Nov 28 2018

Always read the label

May Cause Swelling by Kris P. Kreme

May Cause Swelling by Kris P. Kreme

Battling seasonal allergies as she has long been prone to, Beverly and her husband Bryan are in the pharmacy trying to find any possible solution that doesn’t have potentially deadly side-effects.

Finding the most promising, called Allergoner, Beverly is fine with the very minor and highly unlikely side-effects listed, even if Bryan is a bit skeptical reading them over.

However when Beverly is free and clear of allergies the following morning, will the side-effects mentioned be more agreeable than either of the happy couple ever imagined?

It’s time to fight that chill in the air with a little heat in the love life, and the Kreme is offering the ultimate BUST to seasonal allergies.


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Bryan’s always been a very good and loving husband to his wife, Beverly, which is why he’s doing his best to help her at the pharmacy this fall into winter when her seasonal allergies begin kicking in quite fiercely. However, will the both of them find a way that busts a lot more than seasonal allergies?

The product Beverly decides on, after browsing quite a few, and explaining to Bryan that the side effects can often be worse than the allergies, is called Allergoner. One pill lasts 24 hours, and it promises immediate relief of symptoms, proven in lab testing.

What Beverly likes most is that it makes no mention in the side effects of severe risk of kidney failure or death, which oddly enough tons of over the counter allergy relief pills actually mention. Still Bryan has to raise an eyebrow at the potential side effects mentioned on the box, bloating, swelling, memory loss, lapses in judgment, lactation, and certain sexual side effects.

Beverly assures him those are fairly typical ones, and extremely unlikely, probably one in every thousand people that take them even experience one minor version of any of those symptoms. Besides, she’s really fighting the allergies so it’s time to pick one and try it.

It isn’t until later at home, after a dinner and a nice bottle of wine that Beverly notices the warning about alcohol potentially strengthening the side-effects. Either way, she figures that’s mostly just in case someone was about to drive or operate machinery and all she intends is to hopefully get a good night’s rest.

Waking late the next morning, Bryan is pleasantly surprised to see his wife has already gotten up. Hopefully she slept well and the Allergoner did the trick… but just what sort of unexpected turns will his Saturday take when he finds an unbelievably busty version of his sexy wife in the living room frantically thrusting fingers away between her thighs, moaning and generally seeming about as lusty and desperate as he ever saw her?

Is Beverly going to experience every side-effect the Allergoner has to offer, and will those side-effects lead to every fantasy her loving husband ever imagined but had long given up on experiencing in the marriage?

Only one thing is certain, Bryan and Beverly have discovered a surefire way to BUST seasonal allergies, in more than one sense of the word.


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