Jun 30 2019

The Selfies get styled for Summer

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #37 - Just a Little Off the Top & Mark Up Marie

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #37 – Just a Little Off the Top & Mark Up Marie

Time for a summer cut to cool your head, since summer is always a good time to take on a new look. However sometimes the cut can take more than Just a Little Off the Top as Kelly is about to find out. But if haircuts aren’t your thing, maybe getting a little ink will change things up… it certainly does for Marie. Enjoy their new selves in this new Selfies, hot as the summer is bound to be.

This Selfies Includes:

Just a Little Off the Top: Sometimes a haircut can trim away everything holding a girl back. Kelly has always been so shy she rarely went anywhere. Pushed into a social dance with her roommate’s brother, Kelly finds herself at a salon where the men seem to know a lot about hair. As she watches the others in the salon get transformed through the art of simple cuttings, Kelly never suspects that her own is being cut away.

Mark Up Marie: Marie never liked being among the crowd, never the focus of attention. Her roommate Paula nowhere in sight, and needing to focus on some overlooked work for a very important class, Marie links her computer to Paula’s, unaware that programmed pop-up ads already did the poor girl in and now will do far more to her.


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