Sep 21 2019

Get swapped by a SINtendo selfie

SINtendo Selfie Swap by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Selfie Swap by Kris P. Kreme

After a year at college, best friends Bree, Anna, and Britney are finally reconnecting, catching up at Britney’s huge home. But the three diverse personalities may clash in ways never imagined after Bree snaps a group selfie using an app recommended by guys back on campus.

SINtendo Selfie Swap isn’t what Bree thought it was, taking a great picture but upon pressing the SWAP button not just offering a way to share that picture with her friends.

It literally swaps the friends, each suddenly inside the wrong body, and the always brazen Britney sees it as an opportunity to right the wrongs of Anna being so shy and virginal.


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Bree and Anna are back from their first year in college, back in their home town meeting up with their best friend Britney at her lavish estate home. It’s sure to be a fun time reconnecting and catching up on all that has happened since the three longtime friends graduated high school more than a year ago. But thanks to a misunderstood photo sharing app Bree downloaded, the three friends may find themselves closer than ever… literally experiencing the world through each other’s eyes.

They’ve always been as different as ever, Britney the rather brash brazen girl who loves to brag about hooking up and generally knows no shame, Anna the opposite end of the spectrum as a shy reserved virginal good girl who seldom has a lot to say, and Bree right in the middle, friendly, respectful, but enjoying a fun time.

Yet after heading up to Britney’s room, Bree wants to snap a selfie of the three longtime besties on her phone and she thinks the newest app she has is perfect to try out. As she explains some guys on campus had been recommending she try it, and while she never heard of it, it seems simple enough. It’s called SINtendo Selfie Swap and unfortunately for her friends, Bree assumes it just makes it easier to swap selfies after one friend takes a picture using it.

Only Britney raises an eyebrow at the mention of SINtendo, trying to warn Bree as she snaps the picture and then shows them how nice it looks. But before Bree can fully understand what Britney is saying when she warns about the possible motives those guys on campus had recommending such an app, Bree has already pushed the SWAP button.

Instantly a swirl of blinding light and dizziness spreads among the three friends, and upon shaking off the confusion, each one of them realizes… they have swapped bodies.

At first Britney is suddenly inside shy sweet girl Anna’s body, Bree is in Britney’s body, and Anna is in Bree’s body, but this app may not leave them there for long as a countdown timer is slowly ticking away to swap bodies once again at random.

Panicking, freaking out, both normal reactions, and reactions Bree and Anna have in the wrong bodies, but it’s Britney who has an almost depraved amusement at the situation they find themselves in. She’s always pushed Anna’s buttons, saying the shy sweet brunette should be more adventurous, but when she says she’s gonna go and get that body nice and fucked while she’s stuck inside it, the three besties begin a feud that may take them to extremes they never imagined nor thought possible.

Thanks to SINtendo nearly everything is possible and very soon bickering turns to arguing, as Britney struts off the former shy body, heading towards her butler to seduce the handsome older man. Meanwhile to strike back at Britney for being a perverted bitch, Bree vows to do something truly twisted and seduce and sleep with Britney’s stepbrother, the geeky Wendall.

Confused and frightened Anna in Bree’s body doesn’t know what to do, but even she might ultimately get sucked into the body swapping perversion of doing things inside a friend’s body knowing there’s no consequences to her own.

Will Britney bang her butler in Anna’s body? Will Bree fulfill her threat of letting Wendall knock up Britney’s body? And just where will the next swap take the three best friends? But more importantly how long will it take for the three to find themselves back in their own bodies and done using SINtendo Selfie Swap?

Find out in a brand new theme never written about across hundreds and hundreds of kinky Kreme tales, as SINtendo September continues.


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