Sep 25 2019

SINtendo spins you round

SINtendo Spin and Win by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Spin and Win by Kris P. Kreme

Called over to the new girl in school’s house, popular fashion diva sisters Hope and Alison may be getting more popular than they can handle after connecting to the home wifi and getting a strange popup notification on one of their phones.

According to the notification which they can’t skip or ignore, they have been randomly chosen to play something called Spin and Win, where they have the chance to win amazing prizes.

Only the prizes are mostly just amazingly perverse sounding, and what do they even mean anyway? Find out as these sisters every other girl sucks up to find out what sucking really can mean.


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Laura is the new girl in school, and she has called up the social elite, the self-proclaimed queens of fashion and style to seek out their advice on some outfits she has. But are twin sisters Hope and Alison really there to share their fashion knowledge or might they end up sharing a whole lot more?

Showing up because Laura claimed it was important, Hope and Alison are the kind of uptight arrogant girls who see this as a service, pitying the peons of the fashion basement to hopefully elevate them with their fashion tips. Hope with her sleeveless blue top and Alison with her vintage button up red blouse consider themselves experts in all things fashion and as the social elite they simply must post frequently to social media or risk being seen as disengaged and lacking in the duties that come being popular and fashionable.

Unfortunately as the two find sitting down to wait on Laura to change into her first outfit she needs expert opinions on, the reception in her home is really unstable. Before leaving the room, Laura only has one serious request, that neither Hope nor Alison get on her daddy’s wifi. She says it’s not that there’s anything wrong with it exactly, only that he’s still setting things up for his work in the home and the internet connection can be a bit odd.

Odd or not, after waiting for a time while Laura changes, Hope and Alison simply must connect online. It’s their social status that matters more than any weird request made from the new girl in school. And right as Alison connects to the home wifi Laura’s dad has set up and not bothered to protect with a password, the arrogant fashion bitches discover what is so odd about the internet connection.

A pop up notification appears before Alison even goes online, the notification simply popping up over her phone background, informing her that her unique phone ID has just won a chance at spectacular prizes. But unlike the typical spam message popups she might encounter on a web browser, this message offers no way to get rid of it or skip it.

According to the message they are simply supposed to fill in requested personal information in order to play something called Spin and Win, but the message on Alison’s phone indicates the wifi account holder wins the prizes.

While Alison figures that they can play and win and just not tell Laura’s dad about it, Hope still assumes it’s all a spam gimmick of some type, yet with no option to skip or get rid of it to do anything else on the phone the popular sisters have no real alternative but to see what this Spin and Win is all about.

Fortunately the only personal data needed to go ahead and play is how many players will participate and their ages. Filling in the info, ten seconds later the screen of Alison’s phone changes to a spinning graphic of a wheel with a bold pointer at the bottom. All they have to do is touch a finger to stop the spinning wheel and find out what prize they have won.

But why are the possible prizes spinning so fast neither can read what they are even playing for? And what happens when they press to stop the wheel and it slows down to reveal five possible prizes, each one completely perverse? With prizes like Moo Cow Milkers, Hometown Whores, Sexy Sluts and more, it’s certainly not what either of the stuck-up sisters expected, and only points more to Laura’s dad being some sort of a perv, having a bizarre internet connection that does something like this when linked by wifi to a phone.

But what prize will Hope and Alison win, and how will that prize have them wearing both a look of surprise and a look that serves them well going forward? Find out in this new prize winning tale during SINtendo September.


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