SINtendo settings should always be paid attention to

SINtendo Safety Settings by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Safety Settings by Kris P. Kreme

David and Dawn are perfect for each other, but Dawn may end up being perfected a bit more after a lightning strike knocks out power to David’s apartment and he heads down to check the breakers.

His equipment has battery backups, and while gone, everything seems to be rebooting, including his SINtendo game system hidden away in his bedroom.

Curiosity strikes harder than she counted on as Dawn picks up his controller to navigate the odd safety settings reboot menu on screen and finds herself caught right up in the reboot.

Unable to move, watching as she is forever corrected and reset, will Dawn lose herself or could David show back up just in time to save her a rebooted fate?


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David and Dawn are still fairly new to their relationship, but each of them definitely fits the other well. As Dawn likes to tease the typical action movie fan David, the pair are so similar and fitting as a couple, they are like a pair of dolls literally made for each other. Of course David would quickly amend that to action figures, but the point is their relationship is quite strong already, the kind where they can snuggle late at night in David’s apartment watching television as a storm rolls in outside.

Having met bumping into each other at the entrance to a gaming store, their interests are quite similar, Dawn into classic gaming, classic 80s action movies, and pretty much everything David is into… but there’s one topic David never really has gotten into, and on this otherwise snuggling romantic night together, the storm outside may just bring that topic to the surface in a way neither ever expected.

Working from home doing computer coding, David has the entire place protected with battery backups for sensitive equipment, but as the power actually blinks on and off, then fully dies after a large crack of thunder, David realizes this storm is a bit more serious than he thought.

Sure enough after a few seconds of darkness the emergency lights kick in and there is the sound of beeps and other random rebooting noises from various gadgets and tech around his apartment. But still David wants to go down and check the breakers in the basement, having been provided a key for such situations by the landlord who knows he works from home.

It’s while David is out of the apartment, leaving Dawn to wander around waiting for him that she happens to step into his bedroom and see the television screen on. More unusual is a blinking bright light from inside a box near the television and inside that box Dawn discovers her boyfriend’s gaming secrets, a SINtendo game system.

On the screen the game system appears to be rebooting, words at the top of an otherwise bright blue blank screen saying SINtendo Safety Settings. As progress bars beneath slowly fill, a crawling message scrolls across the screen warning that an electrical power surge has been detected, the system is rebooting, and not to touch the gaming device while reboot is in process.

Yet Dawn has always been curious about her boyfriend’s gaming habits, and when she reads the little text processing on the screen, she only gets more curious. Clearly the system is checking through memory and settings during the reboot, and there’s nothing odd about headings like High scores, Gaming progress, and Character creations… but what is up with Sexual transformation data?

Grabbing the controller from his bedside table, Dawn lays back on the bed and navigates the menu, clicking on Sexual transformation data. Its there that she reads some increasingly disturbing downright kinky sounding things, and it’s also there that she feels a wave of heat from the controller and a message appears on screen informing her that an unauthorized player has been detected.

Unable to move, unable to drop the controller, what is happening as the rebooting game system tells her she will be reset and corrected according to player preferences? Will David return in time to possibly save his loving girlfriend from the fate of his SINtendo Safety Settings? Find out in the tale that finally explores just what happens to keep SINtendo working safely… even with dangerously fun repercussions.


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And so comes to a close SINtendo September 2019…

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