Oct 13 2019

There’s no HallowKreme without SINtendo

SINtendo sinFULL by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo sinFULL by Kris P. Kreme

Drew always wanted to date Angela until he did and found out why no one ever bragged that they had dated her.

Quite simply she’s as innocent as her daddy thinks, but also an evil bitch who enjoys dating and teasing boys, getting them worked up, then dumping them to move on.

In the basement of Drew’s home, he found a hidden stash of his dad’s collectibles, among them a SINtendo WHEE! and the perfect game to seek his revenge.

In SINtendo sinFULL the goal is to remotely control a girl like Angela and make her do sinfully naughty things, earning humiliation points to win the game.

On Halloween night, everyone may be having fun… at the expense of Angela.


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This year like most years, Drew’s parents are off to attend a downtown event called the Halloween Ball. But unlike most years, this year the typically quiet reserved Drew has something to do while they are gone… something the little bitch next door has had coming to her for a long time.

As long as he could remember knowing Angela, Drew wanted to date her. Both seniors now, facing the prospect of graduating and moving out into the real world, Angela was beyond perfection. She was the kind of petite but curvy girl who somehow only grew more beautiful with each passing year, was wholesome and innocent, but had a wicked shimmer in the corners of her eye.

When Drew finally got what he always wanted and Angela decided to date him, he quickly found out that while technically innocent, she was a ruthlessly cruel tease, a girl who strangely seemed to get a kick out of working a guy up, flirting, touching him, only to pull back the second he wanted to reciprocate, acting offended. She had many boyfriends over the years in high school and Drew always wondered why none of her exes ever seemed all that thrilled to have dated her, why they never shared stories of the fun they had with Angela, the hottest girl in the senior class.

But Angela never gave a guy what they wanted, was her daddy’s little angel, even if she was hell to every other boy. A week ago she’d broken up with Drew, the shortest relationship he could imagine, and yet enough to show her true evil bitch personality, the selfish sense of glee she got from torturing a guy who lusted for her… which was nearly every guy around. So this Halloween while his parents are at the Halloween Ball, Drew is going to be having a ball of his own thanks to a hidden stash of old still sealed video games he found in the basement.

It was a while back that Drew found the classic SINtendo WHEE! And clearly the system was in a collector’s condition, his dad likely never even playing it, as most the games were still wrapped as well. But one of those games was just perfect for getting his revenge, for giving Angela next door what she always deserved and then some.

SINtendo sinFULL is the name of the game, and the goal is to literally take physical control of an available player pawn as the game calls them. Loading up the game reveals an overhead view of the surrounding three hundred yards and fortunately for Drew, that includes the neighbor’s house, where Angela is currently snapping some selfies in a sexy angel costume. Naturally she’s no angel and probably using the costume selfies to tease whoever she intends her next boyfriend to be. The poor sap will never get anywhere, Angela seemingly hell bent on torturing every single boy in town for liking her.

But tonight Angela the angel is going to do what she never would do… because the goal of SINtendo sinFULL is to quite simply take control of her, using the controller, to steer her, move her about, control everything about her except her ability to think and speak.

Angela will be well aware of everything Drew remotely does with her body, totally able to deny what she does and say no, while at the same time doing the opposite and showing herself as the sinful little whore she is deep down inside.

The goal is simple, score humiliation points for making Angela go and do things she never would ever dream of doing, for humiliating herself in whatever kinky way Drew can dream up. So with her older brother home from college playing video games with a buddy, her father and mother in the kitchen, there will be an audience to whatever Angela the slutty angel does. The only question is, just how sinFULL will Angela be when Drew finishes playing SINtendo sinFULL?

Halloween with the Kreme reminds girls not to be a total teasing bitch… or you might one day get a most FULL Halloween humiliation.


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