Krismas is Krazy

The Craze by Kris P. Kreme

The Craze by Kris P. Kreme

Anna always handled holiday stress better than anyone Ben knows. As her best friend, he should know, but his fiancée Hannah isn’t as calm, especially with reports of the Craze spreading all over the world.

The Craze is an unknown outbreak, possibly a genetic mutation, that begins with crazy unpredictable behavior in crowds of people. It devolves into a frequently depraved, perverse, and apparently body altering situation if the latest reports are to be believed.

Will Anna prove calm cool and collected when the Craze strikes close to home, or are all three doomed to suffer a seasonally stressful fate like never before? Things get crazy as the 12 Days of Krismas cums to a close.


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Anna has always been the rare girl who could somehow manage all the stress of the holidays in such a way that no actual stress ever happened for her. She’s had a natural talent for planning, organization, and never dealing with the craziness of the Christmas season… and yet this year there’s an all new worry that seems to be spreading across the globe.

The Craze, as the media has taken to calling it, is an unpredictable and dangerous outbreak that seems to be happening more and more, the news reporting outbreaks in every state and more than thirty-seven countries. From the footage shown on TV, the outbreaks are as crazy as the name they’ve taken to calling it. In a mall a man seen on security cameras randomly begins making hula hoop motions, a nearby woman suddenly hopping on one foot, and from there clothes are ripped and everyone begins going what seems literally crazy.

Anna’s childhood best friend Ben and Ben’s fiancée Hannah are spending the holidays with Anna this year, but Hannah is terrified of all the scary stuff being said about the Craze. It’s dangerous, spreading, and she is not handling the fear near as well as Ben or Anna are. Maybe Anna’s simply not worried because she always manages holiday stress well and this, though weird, is just more holiday stress.

Ben’s teasing though, certainly isn’t helping. All they each have to go by in understanding what is going on around the world is the news footage, claims of no pattern, the outbreaks only similar by the unusual behavior leading up to them. Witnesses reported conservative men and women expressing wildly uncharacteristic ideas, shy women becoming aggressive. Studies done to those after feeling the Craze has revealed interference to neural pathways in the brain, one of the lasting effects a complete sexual depravity with regard to their body and others.

As lightly as Ben is taking all the ridiculous over-hyped media of the Craze, his fiancée Hannah is near freaking out, mentioning that she’s read reports about the outbreaks getting worse, about impossible things like people bending or stretching in ways they shouldn’t be able to do, as though whatever it is, the Craze is altering, changing, worsening and forever ruining those it seemingly infects.

But is this danger that some are now calling a genetic mutation outbreak anything to worry about when the three of them can simply remain safe in Anna’s apartment? Perhaps not… at least until Anna gets a most unfortunate phone call.

Having planned all her gifts for this Christmas, Anna did as she usually does, ordered with guaranteed shipping, but the shipping distributor sending out the gifts Anna ordered happened to suffer an outbreak of the Craze. Since the CDC has quarantined the facility, nothing is leaving, meaning if Anna wants any of her paid for gifts she needs to go to the local store and pick them up.

Anna sees no real risk in venturing out, since no reports of the Craze have been anywhere close to them, and as she puts it, there’s a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than the Craze.

But as Ben refuses to let his oldest friend Anna head out alone, are they all three sealing their fates? A simple trip to a strip mall might just strip them of more than their sanity this year. The holidays can certainly be crazy, but nothing can prepare you for The Craze.


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And so comes to a close Krismas 2019…

But 2020 is just around the corner…

Many thanks to all of the Kreme’s readers and my best to you for the New Year!