Sep 02 2020

SINtendo September begins with some ED&D

SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups by Kris P. Kreme

Nathan is tired of his friends saying how hot his mom is. It’s bad enough Curtis hasn’t shown up to serve as dungeon master for game night.

He’s always the dungeon master, leading their quests, having everything plotted and planned out, from characters to the quest they go on.

Determined to still have game night, Nathan finds a supposedly adult dungeon master gaming app. Unfortunately for him it may just take fantasies to reality in ways never imagined. Dungeons and D-Cups chooses their characters for them, eliminating need for a dungeon master… yet this gaming app quickly takes Nathan’s friends on a quest for his milf of a mother, and only Nathan can defend her honor.


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Nathan and his friends Owen, Wendall, and Dwayne have a problem, and it’s a problem that might just become the stuff of both fantasies and legends. Standing on Nathan’s front porch, the four friends await their no-show dungeon master Curtis who always leads their weekly game quests. He’s the one who always puts the thought into their characters, into their strengths and weaknesses, into whatever epic fantasy quest adventure the night will take them on.

But tonight at Nathan’s house, the dungeon master hasn’t shown up, and it’s only frustrating the guys more and more the longer they wait. Owen certainly isn’t helping the situation since all he seems to be talking about is what a milf Nathan’s mom is, the cute redhead clueless about the fact all Nathan’s friends think she’s the hottest mom they’ve seen, a large reason why it was voted to hold the weekly gaming session at Nathan’s house. In fact only a text from Curtis prevents the inevitable brawling fight between Nathan and Owen whose comments about his mom are getting way too personal.

But what will these boys do when Curtis lets them know he won’t be able to make it? How will they continue their dungeon quest game night without characters or a quest to go on?

Heading inside to the basement, Nathan vows they will still have a game night, even as he grumbles and gives them evil looks, watching them wave to Miss Marissa, his mom.

It’s downstairs in the basement that Nathan thinks he has found something to solve their dilemma. Showing the others an adult dungeon master gaming app he found searching on his phone, Nathan thinks this is the easiest way to get custom characters complete with strengths, weaknesses, and skills, and even a quest to go on… without the benefit of having an actual dungeon master like their friend Curtis.

But something seems a little off about Dungeons and D-Cups from the beginning, and not just the title which the guys joke sounds more like a porn site than a serious dungeon master app. According to Nathan it looks simple enough, load the app and it links with nearby players, each one getting customized characters assigned to them for the duration of the game. The app apparently uses data, pictures, and other information from the various player’s phones to create the characters for the game.

Agreeing to move on from their bickering, the game night already delayed enough, the four friends take a chance on Dungeons and D-Cups, each one assigned a specific character role for the night. Wendall is given the character of a dark wizard, using magic to corrupt the innocent and have his way with fair maidens. Owen is given the character of Owen the Ogre, a depraved beast with a taste for the fairer sex who’d rather defile beauty than cook for his dinner. Dwayne is given the character of a dwarf, making up for what he lacks in height with a giant appendage he uses to rape and pillage innocence across the countryside. And finally Nathan is given the character of a nobel knight who defends honor and fights to protect his maidens.

The motives seem to have been drawn for this fictional quest, but just how fictional will it be when all four of them press their thumbs to the Start Quest button on their phones? Seemingly sucked right out of their own reality, the friends find their clothing, surroundings, and even their own minds have changed. But what they don’t realize at first is that someone else close by has been affected by the game as well… upstairs in the kitchen Nathan’s mom, Miss Marissa.

As the boys downstairs, in what used to be a basement but now more resembles a deep dark torchlit cave, each undergo their own physical freakish changes to become their characters… upstairs Marissa has gotten a notification from her phone informing her a new app was downloaded to the family shared account, and she is now Marissa the maiden. A busty wench with long flaming hair the color of passion, she’s irresistibly drawn to being captured and preyed upon by evil.

As her own clothing changes, as Marissa falls prey to her new character stats, just what sort of game night are all occupants of Nathan’s house in for? Will he be able to defend and save the honor of his fair maiden, his milf of a mother? Or is Nathan vastly outnumbered by his ogre, dwarf, and wizard friends who might just get to do more to Nathan’s mom than they ever fantasized about?

It’s fantasy role playing like never before where the roles might just play you more than you play them, in SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups. But just what happens when the fantasy ends and reality returns? Find out as SINtendo September begins an all new run of TEN brand new tales.


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