Sep 05 2020

SINtendo moves the pieces around

SINtendo Taterhead by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Taterhead by Kris P. Kreme

Bored, Tate really just wanted his older sister Leah to do something fun. But when nerdy Leah has college prep work to do, she dismisses him with the lovable nickname Taterhead.

That nickname inspires his decision while browsing a gaming forum. Users and developers upload niche games there, all free to try, and someone uploaded a game called Taterhead.

Just like the old Mr. Potato Head toy, Taterhead let’s you upload a current photo of someone, then select, remove, or replace different parts and clothing to create someone entirely new.

Wanting to get back at Leah, Tate snaps a picture of her. But what happens when the real Leah changes as Taterhead Leah changes?


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Tate is absolutely bored, and his older sister isn’t making anything easier by not wanting to have any fun, obsessively doing college prep work on her phone like the baggy clothing wearing thick glasses nerd she is. Worse, Tate’s only friend is out of two for two weeks and even their mom is away, meaning only Craig, the guy their mom has been seeing, is going to be around. But even he won’t be until after work later.

Whining to Leah to get her to do something, anything fun, only results in her dismissively calling him Taterhead, an old nickname from childhood, telling him to find a video game or something to play on the gaming forum he has a subscription to. Little do either of them know that thanks in part to Tate’s old nickname, the both of them are about to be participants in a game that will change everything.

Leah has always been the smart one in the family, her head buried in a book, nerding out with her phone, and Tate knows he hasn’t been the most social or outgoing by far. But he’s still an adult, and tired of the name Taterhead, so when he is browsing the gaming forum subscription for a free game that doesn’t completely suck like many of the player made games do, one title definitely stands out.

Taterhead is a single-player game themed around the old Mr. Potato Head toy. According to the game description, Tate simply uploads a current photo of anyone he knows and once applied to the Taterhead mold, that character can be redressed, have parts replaced, basically creating a whole new character one piece at a time just like the old toy.

While it’s certainly not the greatest way to spend his time, it’s a game and certainly seems to fit him given the name. Plus Tate figures it might serve Leah right to see the final funny image he plans on printing from Taterhead… after he plays Taterhead with her.

Sneaking down the hall where she’s still studying from her phone on the couch, Tate snaps a picture, and soon he is uploading it to start playing Taterhead.

Leah has never cared all that much about looking a certain way, and her bulky red sweatshirt definitely looks drab and boring, her curly mop of hair down to her chin, eyes hidden behind the thick framed glasses. But even Tate knows if he can do what the preview images claimed and really make a funny totally out of character and maybe embarrassing Taterhead photo of Leah, it will be just the prank he needs to make this day a lot less dull.

Scrolling the mouse over to the Taterhead image, Tate sees that when he hovers it over something he can get rid of or exchange for other preprogrammed parts and articles of clothing, it highlights on the screen. And so he starts simple, by clicking on the cell phone she holds and dragging it over to the trash icon.

How could Tate ever imagine that as he does that, Leah has suddenly found herself unable to move on the living room couch, watching helplessly as her phone is plucked from her hands and goes off to one side vanishing in a blinding flash of light?

Tate is just playing the game, having fun, especially impressed with how the graphics somehow fill in the gaps of whatever he removes, making it look as though his sister never held a cell phone at all.

He continues on, deciding that Leah would look better, or at least for his prank intentions with less a mop of hair and more the typical long hair of some slutty coed. Clicking and removing her hair just like a wig on the screen, he drags it to the trash as well, ignoring the warnings about not saving the original hair. As he figures, if he wants to begin again he can just take another photo, never knowing that as he deletes Leah’s original hair, the real Leah has just seen her hair pop off like it was never real, float away and vanish in a flash of brilliant light.

Choosing a hair from the available options, Tate loves the title, a light brown hair to her mid back called simply Flirty Slut. He’s loving how annoyed she’s probably gonna be seeing what a twisted caricature image he makes of her.

But Leah feels more than just new hair on her head as it pops into existence and drops onto her scalp. She feels strangely drawn to running hands through it, and can’t figure out why it feels good to flip it certain ways.

Tate just keeps right on playing, removing her thick framed nerdy glasses, deciding the bulky red sweatshirt has to go, discovering the Taterhead game can use existing material to make replacement clothing, ultimately selecting an exceptionally revealing dress labeled simply Slut Dress.

And all the time, unknown to him, Leah is really starting to look and feel a whole lot different down the hall. No idea whether she’s on drugs or hallucinating or if the world really is going crazy, Leah is struggling more and more.

But just when will Tate discover the game he has been playing is no game and his Taterhead is real? Will Leah be able to hold herself together when everything seems to be popping off only to be replaced with something sluttier and sleazier? And what or who will Craig, their mom’s boyfriend, discover waiting for him at home after work?

SINtendo September continues with an all new game that will have one nerdy coed falling to pieces and becoming a real sweet piece of ass.


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