Sep 12 2020

SINtendo is competitive to an extreme

SINtendo Trash Talked by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Trash Talked by Kris P. Kreme

Alison Ashmoore is a highly successful PC gamer, and at only nineteen has won more tournaments than most twice her age.

But when a mysterious gamer by the name of GamerK is randomly assigned to her clan in the International Elite Invitational gaming tournament, Alison finds herself more worried about the trash talk guys are always quick to give a girl like her.

Hit by something called a trash talk hack bomb after taking an early lead, the words which usually roll off Alison’s back might have a lot more impact on her front.

Will Alison Ashmoore be sucking at this tournament more than ever before? Will she truly take a load of punishment at the hands of lesser gamers?


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Every serious gamer always knew that in the world of competitive gaming, PC gaming was where it was at. Unlike the casual console gamers, PC gamers could invest a lot of money and time to making their gaming truly a step above average, and Alison Ashmoore was one of the best.

By only sixteen she’d stunned most gamers by winning three regional competitions. By eighteen she’d earned a reputation as a ruthless competitor, everyone falling prey to her skills at the keyboard and mouse. And now at nineteen, everything seemed destined for Alison Ashmoore to become the youngest PC gamer to win the International Elite Invitational gaming competition.

IEI was a true badge of honor, many around the world invited but few truly at the top of succeeding in a virtual race style tournament to the top of a mountain, each player having upped their stats and skills to use anything at their disposal to beat the competition and claim the prize.

In IEI, as with many tournaments, Alison was randomly placed into smaller groups, less than a dozen people who could see and hear each other throughout the competition. It was an added element many couldn’t handle as well as Alison did. Being able to be seen and heard presented new elements of anxiety to possibly sway even the most concentrating player. It opened up opportunities for gaming’s most widespread characteristic when it came to open world multi-player tournaments… trash talking.

Alison Ashmoore had learned young that a girl was ripe for trash talking, yet she had mastered every element of it and turned it on those who would otherwise hope to shake her off her game with it.

Today though, the unquestionably talented and wealthy enough to already own her own home at nineteen, Alison Ashmoore, is about to meet a gamer she never counted on.

Logging on, ready to play, dressed in her best goth style, just revealing enough to prove a definite distraction to whoever she ended up being sectioned off with, Alison is ready for the tournament. She’s not at all surprised by the shocked looks from the other little squares on the side of her monitor, the awe and oohing that happens when random gamer guys realize the great and sexy young Alison Ashmoore is there in their presence.

And of course, as guys are prone to do, the trash talking always starts early and focuses on her as a girl. One guy, Striker, is quick to ask if she forgot to put the other half of her top on. Another, Lobo, just as quick to reply he wished she’d forgotten the other half. They are the typical idiots she deals with and nothing shakes Alison from her resolve.

She can give just as much as she can take, and most of the guys, Striker, Lobo, Ziggy, and Cyber7, are just typical nuisances. In fact the only thing really driving her comments is the fact Cyber7 looks like some man close enough in age to her father that he should feel ashamed trash talking a nineteen-year old girl.

But then comes a gamer to their little clan that she never encountered before, an oddly stoic and calm man she assumes, though he wears a hood which expertly hides any emotions he might otherwise show. It’s a unique choice, one she can almost understand since he essentially can’t be seen and can still be heard. But this new addition to the group before the tournament starts has skills none of the others could ever imagine, and gaming resources they might never forget.

While the others are trash talking about Alison, debating if she’s a whore or a slut, this one mystery man simply called GamerK suggests she could be both. And while it’s trash talk to be sure, something bothers Alison about the simple way he speaks so calmly and yet still stirs the rest of the boys up.

Before the starting pistol of their tournament race has begun, Striker’s asking if Alison charges by the hour, Lobo is talking about giving her a baby, and the older Cyber7 is suggesting she’d be a nice cow, to which Striker quickly gives her the nickname Alison Ash-moo.

It’s all getting on Alison’s nerves but she has handled just as bad before and these idiots won’t be paying attention when it counts. But just what happens when the IEI tournament begins and Alison is off to an early lead, none of the other trash talking competitors having the skills at the controls as they clearly have with their mouths?

This tournament might have seemed destined to be hers to win, but when the enigmatic GamerK tosses a magical enchanted bomb at her game character right on her tail, both character and player will be dealing with challenges they never thought of before.

GamerK is off and taking the lead, while Alison Ashmoore can just read the stats on what hit her. It was something called a trash talk hack, at least according to the stats, and according to those stats whatever anyone says, she becomes.

The others aren’t taking any of it seriously, but Alison quickly discovers that there’s more to that hack bomb out of the game than in the game. Striker, Lobo, Ziggy, and Cyber7 are all still racing along, past her fallen character, joking and asking if the slutty cow fell down, still making puns about her name, about her tits, trash talking as always.

Unfortunately for Alison, GamerK is a frequent SINtendo gamer, and the hack bomb he used against her will have Alison Ashmoore falling from more than just the top of the tournament standings, falling well below the meaning of those constantly thrown insults. There’s little she can do to stop what she already feels happening, what the soon to be slutty cow former gaming champion is destined for.

Get competitive this SINtendo September… get Trash Talked. It’s definitely one way to moo-ve up the rankings.


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