Dec 14 2020

Be careful what you shake at Krismas

Shaken by Kris P. Kreme

Shaken by Kris P. Kreme

Hannah has everything she could want, a great fiancée Logan, a future that looks bright with a career in law, and her favorite time of year, Christmas.

But a present Logan wrapped intrigues her, something he only tells her not to shake… it’s special, don’t shake it at all. And as days pass into weeks leading up to Christmas, Hannah can’t resist sneaking shakes here, there, soon obsessively shaking to try and figure out what the little present holds inside for her.

On the fifth day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave to her, a present she could shake all day until she got dumber.


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Hannah couldn’t be happier this Christmas, her first Christmas with a fiancée and Logan couldn’t be sweeter. Christmas has always been her favorite time of year, a time when she can do things besides study law, the brainy blonde all set for a career and a marriage with everything she ever wanted.

But one little gift under the tree this year may forever change Hannah in ways she can’t fully understand, no matter how smart she is. And it all begins the day Logan finishes wrapping a small polka-dotted box with a big red bow, telling Hannah not to shake it.

What at first begins as idle curiosity, becomes something more like an obsession this Christmas. Hannah always liked shaking presents to try and tell what was inside them. Ever since she was a little girl she would listen to the sound and often determine just what a box held, but the box Logan wrapped just isn’t giving her the right clues. It thumps, it rattles, it seems sorta like a piece of plastic maybe loose inside the box, but nothing is clicking so despite his repeated warnings not to shake it… Hannah keeps shaking it.

Losing her focus throughout the month on law school or studies, the inquisitive blonde is getting more and more determined to shake that gift, to listen to the rattles and figure it out. How could she imagine that every shake is shaking a little bit of what made Hannah so smart right out of her head?

But what is inside this mysterious polka-dotted box, what does the big red bow hide inside? And when the mindless obsession ends and Hannah opens it… will she be mindless forever?

The 12 Days of Krismas shake things up every year, but never have they been more Shaken than they are for Hannah this year.


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