Apr 04 2021

Easter at SINtech isn’t what you’d expect… or is it?

SINtech Tales Easter Eggs-Terminated by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales Easter Eggs-Terminated by Kris P. Kreme

Julie James has been to a virtual hell of her own making, and this Easter she aims to rise again!

Unfortunately for the VR vixen who once graced the cover of gaming magazines, she has an impenetrable firewall standing in her way, but when that firewall bounces Julie James off into a group VR gaming experience across the street from SINtech Tower, she might just find a fun way of both sending a message and burning off some anger.

Danny, Megan, and Leah traveled all night, missing Easter with their families, ready to step into group VR together. Told they can be whatever they always wanted… Julie James might just have other plans in store!


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Easter is all about the miracles of life beyond death, and a once famous gamer girl believed to be dead is determined to reclaim her rightful place among the living.

Julie James was once a normal girl, a normal girl who became quite famous due in part to her incredible looks, but mostly due to her skills at all things gaming. But when she visited SINtech, the mysteriously powerful gaming company which makes all kinds of highly advanced games and peripherals, particularly of the adult kind for a company called SINtendo… something bad happened.

Lost seemingly forever in the virtual world, Julie’s real-world body became little more than a sex doll, being disposed of and used by game testers who often had extreme side effects from playing SINtendo. But in the virtual world, Julie James discovered a power like she’d never had before, and a growing insanity of madness which drove her to invade the virtual worlds of others in a never-ending quest to get revenge on SINtech and ultimately reclaim her body they have so callously used and enjoyed.

But after finally getting back close to the very systems that malfunctioned and trapped her in VR, Julie James may have made the ultimate mistake in attacking the wife of the man who abandoned her in virtual reality and disposed of her body. Leaving that man’s wife as nothing more than a sex doll like her own body, he and the SINtech staff have put up a firewall that so far has proven impossible for Julie James to break through.

Yet on Easter morning, Julie is fully enraged and intends to crash that firewall. Unfortunately for her, she is the one crashed when her attempts simply deflect her into VR systems across the street from SINtech Tower, where they just so happen to be hosting a very special limited time only group VR experience.

Danny, Megan, and Leah are college friends and gamers who have driven all night for this one weekend only event, missing Easter with their families to see just what group VR is like. They’ve all played games but never been inside a game world at the same time together, yet none of the three could ever suspect that an unexpected guest will be the one playing games at their expense.

Once in the VR world, astounded by how real everything looks and even feels, scanned in so each of them looks exactly as they came, Danny, Megan, and Leah soon meet Julie James, trapped for the moment in this world so close and yet so far from where she wanted to be.

Assuming that she is merely an easter egg in the system, knowing how big a figure in gaming the real Julie James was, these three never suspect that this is all very real, and they might just become the ones eggs-terminated by Julie’s rage and anger.

In virtual reality you can be anything you ever imagined, anything you ever wanted… but be careful what you ask for, because an evil VR vixen named Julie James might just give it to you!


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