There’s no drone like a SINtenDRONE

SINtenDRONE by Kris P. Kreme

SINtenDRONE by Kris P. Kreme

Getting his first drone, Professor Burgess couldn’t be more excited. As a former biology professor living next to only one other house backing onto a large nature preserve, he loves seeing all the animals. This new drone promises to add to that passion, the ability to tag animals and then study and even simulate them on his computer.

But when a drone navigation mishap results in his neighbors sexy young wife getting tagged instead, all attempts to fix the error may play games with Professor Burgess’ sanity.

Can he stop the damage somehow done by his new SINtenDRONE? Or is Professor Burgess merely becoming the mad scientist he was destined to be?


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At the end of a quiet suburban street are just two homes, surrounded by nature, backing onto preservation land. And today one of those homes is due to receive a package that may forever change everyone’s lives in ways so twisted they defy the very laws of nature.

Professor Burgess isn’t so old that he can’t appreciate having a gorgeous young neighbor like Riley, but unlike the delivery man handing over the drone he ordered, Professor Burgess knows it isn’t right to stare too much at another man’s wife. Riley and her husband Owen have never been anything but nice to the old professor but today thanks to Professor Burgess’ new drone, they may be falling prey to the experiments of a mad man.

SINtenDRONE is a type of drone Professor Burgess never heard of, but the price is unbeatable, and he had to order it when he saw that it has the function of tagging animals with tiny darts, darts which apparently can transmit all sorts of information about those animals and even somehow create simulations of them on his home computer.

As a former biology professor, Professor Burgess loves nothing more than exploring the preservation land near his home, seeing the various critters, studying them… and with this new drone he can do all kinds of more research.

But while testing out his new drone, Professor Burgess is still getting a hang of the controls, ready to activate the tagging dart on a deer that happened to wander close to the back fence of Riley and Owen. Unfortunately when trying to tag with the dart, the drone flies off course, and somehow ends up tagging Riley instead.

Worried about what tagging someone might do, he connects the drone to his computer, and that’s when everything starts to drive him crazy. First of all it loads an impossibly clear crisp photo of Riley, literally just as she was when tagged, wearing the same clothes and everything. Then while trying to merely delete the tagging profile, he discovers that deleting it claims instead that it is actually deleting Riley, beginning with her intelligence.

But just what is actually happening next door to Riley? And will trying to figure out this overly complicated intensely powerful drone actually drive Professor Burgess crazy? What about Owen, how will he respond to his wife suddenly acting so strange… and will he get the ultimate surprise when tagged by the drone himself mistakenly, only his wife’s profile to backup to and correct the errors with his own?

SINtendo September takes readers on a ride with their newest product, a drone destined to bend the laws of reality, among other things, and play games with nature itself.


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